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Modern day propaganda

While searching for ex-Yu propaganda posters, I couldn't help but wonder-...
Are we nowdays subject to more subtile form of propaganda?
Is it coming from corporations or governments, or can we even make a difference between the two?
Where in the World are the people more influenced by it?
Is it the "free" West, or communist countries, or maybe states with non secular governments?


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    Aug 24 2012: Propaganda nowadays is being initiated on all levels. Be it governments, corporations, and even individuals.

    The boundaries between all these sources are blurring as their business models evolve and interact with one another, thus making it much difficult to reveal the true source, with all the beneficiaries lurking around.

    There is no geographical heat mapping to where people are most influenced by propaganda. And unfortunately education level is not really a good indicator either. They need to have a new KPI, which is called cognitive reasoning. Maybe then we can assess the situation better.

    Propaganda exist both in the "free" countries as well as in "other" countries, just in different form. And I believe there isnt much of a different about the amount of people being influenced in either "worlds". Clever and successful propaganda adjust itself and its subtlety according to the subjects and context involved.
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      Aug 25 2012: I loved the remark about education not being an indicator. It is amazing how many young and well educated people I know, who just act like sheep. Is it because the new generations don't give a damn, or are the universities also becoming a subject to the same propaganda?
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        Aug 25 2012: I could not agree more. I've seen many of my well educated ivy league friends with narrow mindedness that have bewildered me.

        I will not blame the education system (as i've witnessed bigotry in all shapes and form, spanning from illiterates to PHD candidates).

        My bet is on the upbringing of that person and the environment around him. Cognitive and rational thinking could never be overrated while growing up.
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        Aug 28 2012: To be fair... often the young act like sheep, because if they don't, old people, especially ones who are more traditional, won't hire them. It is conditioned.

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