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Modern day propaganda

While searching for ex-Yu propaganda posters, I couldn't help but wonder-...
Are we nowdays subject to more subtile form of propaganda?
Is it coming from corporations or governments, or can we even make a difference between the two?
Where in the World are the people more influenced by it?
Is it the "free" West, or communist countries, or maybe states with non secular governments?


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    Aug 24 2012: In my opinion, in the states that have a currency as the medium of exchange it is the greatest. It is also most necessary to maintain the perceived value of something that has zero value. It doesn't exist in that tribe in South America that has gated off the entrance to the village so that westerns can't get close to them.
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      Aug 25 2012: Sure, it's always the "profit". But don't you think every group, no matter how small in number, has this type of dynamic, those who try to persuade, no matter for what reason?

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