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Why are we here in a body and a life that I don't recall choosing from the beginning?

I always ask this question through out my life. Wondering what everybody else thought about this.
We are pretty much all in the same boat from that perspective.
People with compassion realize this the best.
And one of the best moments in life is when you see people realizing this.

  • Aug 24 2012: Are you stating this from the point of view that "we" existed before choosing this body ?
    Are you stating this from the point of view that what we have done to ourselves in the past few years ? Something like we have not taken care of our health, not taken care of where our life is heading ?

    I think most philosophies find interest in differentiating life from body and want to get a feeling that we will continue to live in future too, even after our body dies. This is probably because the body seems to age and we are inclined to believe that mind is not aging and we somehow deep inside want to believe that mind will continue after the body and this mind or soul as we would like to term is immortal.
  • Aug 24 2012: Perhaps you could use the scientific method to answer this question.

    Try developing a testable hypothesis.

    By the way, perhaps you did choose this life and your body, but do not remember making the choice.
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    Aug 24 2012: Hi James.
    I have always wondered about this as well. I eventually (at 35) came to the conclusion that the bible has the answer.
    We are children of the being who created the universe. He came & introduced himself in Jesus Christ to show his love for us, and help us to understand something of his nature. This life is to give us opportunity to get to know him through the bible, & decide whether we will follow him or not
    His power is obvious by the beautiful creation around us, but things are spoiled by our disobedience. this too is apparent.
    If you are looking for answers, I would strongly recommend that you check out Christianity. Not all churches take it seriously, & many are hypocritical, but search until you find one that is full of joy, & love, & takes the bible seriously.

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    Gail .

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    Aug 24 2012: I can give you MY opinion.

    I believe that because of the indoctrination inculcated into you by your culture, you have forgotten your most essential information.

    I believe (with no substantive proof but some potential evidence) that I chose to be born as me to my parents at this time in history, with a very specific purpose in mind. I see the purpose nearing fruition. I am reasonably confident about this.
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      Aug 24 2012: Is the product of "enlightenment" a form of compassion for those you perceive to know less? If not, why not?
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    Aug 24 2012: An old friend of mine who i was able to reconnect with told me that he was told he was an old spirit that has gone through 200 rebirths and has suffered unimaginable deaths,this is what he believes and the man is still the same guy i knew from ten years ago,a terrible liar,i always knew he was lying by how he frowned with every fib,i can't say he's lying because he honestly believes what he believes,who's to say in his universe he is wrong?
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      Aug 24 2012: When I was a little girl, my sister used to drive me nuts by asking if I remembered when she was older than me. In fact, she is more than 3 years younger. This certainty about another life about which she was very earnest eventually disappeared. It never convinced me about anything but it has always kept me open to possibilites but I do not often make the conclusions consistent with those who have these beliefs.
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        Aug 24 2012: If you knew my mate Gregg you would think "What the Heck! where did that come from" he was always full of nervous energy like he was always fearful of something but now there's a sense of weightlessness about him,personally i think he's nuts but then he's never been into spiritualism or reincarnation,if anything he was an avid atheist and not easily led.

        He told me that he was always too late to rescue or save his families,that he's been hung,drawn and quartered and all sorts of deaths that would make you squirm,i was floored all i could do was sit there and give my mate the respect of silence,he's a better person today than he was 10 years ago,more centered,at peace, i thought to myself "What if i donged him on the head,this isn't the man i knew 10 years ago"

        Like you Deb i'm skeptical but to him it's history,weird.
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          Aug 24 2012: Thank you sincerely for that valuable information in the sense of my own heart.
  • Aug 24 2012: I believe we are here to master our body and mind and then return to our heavenly father one day. If you don't believe in God this has got to be a pretty confusing question....I guess if I was in those shoes I'd believe there wasn't a point to this just is.
    • Aug 24 2012: I have heard this idea from religious people many times, that without God there would be no point to life. I suppose that if your life is imbued with God it is difficult to imagine an opposite life. It must puzzle you that so many atheists seem to have satisfactory lives, many devoted to a specific purpose that serves others much more than themselves.

      I was brought up Catholic and have read about other religions. I have had personal experiences that convince me that there is some form of life other than physical. I feel quite certain that the Christian God that I was taught about as a child is a myth that served a purpose during an earlier part of our history. I have come to the logical conclusion that whatever the truth is about life after death, our purpose on earth is tied very closely to just dealing with our present circumstances as best we can. Most importantly, I try to stay open to new truths.

      That was all background for this simple idea:

      The central teaching of Jesus Christ was love. One of the few simple, applicable truths that the scientific approach to human behavior has provided us is that we all need to be loved and we all need to love others.

      It puzzles me that Christians in particular do not seem to take notice of this coincidence.
  • Aug 24 2012: Why wouldn't you be? Just look at the biology model. Of course, I have a friend who watched the Twilight zone too many times. So I probably don't completely understgand your question. There are many constraints on us each and every one.