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Why are we here in a body and a life that I don't recall choosing from the beginning?

I always ask this question through out my life. Wondering what everybody else thought about this.
We are pretty much all in the same boat from that perspective.
People with compassion realize this the best.
And one of the best moments in life is when you see people realizing this.


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  • Aug 24 2012: I believe we are here to master our body and mind and then return to our heavenly father one day. If you don't believe in God this has got to be a pretty confusing question....I guess if I was in those shoes I'd believe there wasn't a point to this life....it just is.
    • Aug 24 2012: I have heard this idea from religious people many times, that without God there would be no point to life. I suppose that if your life is imbued with God it is difficult to imagine an opposite life. It must puzzle you that so many atheists seem to have satisfactory lives, many devoted to a specific purpose that serves others much more than themselves.

      I was brought up Catholic and have read about other religions. I have had personal experiences that convince me that there is some form of life other than physical. I feel quite certain that the Christian God that I was taught about as a child is a myth that served a purpose during an earlier part of our history. I have come to the logical conclusion that whatever the truth is about life after death, our purpose on earth is tied very closely to just dealing with our present circumstances as best we can. Most importantly, I try to stay open to new truths.

      That was all background for this simple idea:

      The central teaching of Jesus Christ was love. One of the few simple, applicable truths that the scientific approach to human behavior has provided us is that we all need to be loved and we all need to love others.

      It puzzles me that Christians in particular do not seem to take notice of this coincidence.

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