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How do we reap the advanced extraterrestrial technologies from secret governments around the world to benefit humanity?

There is overwhelming evidence that intelligent life exists beyond our planet and that they are visiting the Earth. However, the secret side of some governments are holding this knowledge from humanity, preventing great leaps in science and evolution of thought, and allowing wasted funds going to off target projects like SETI, and fossil fuels.


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  • Aug 24 2012: You have to think outside of the box sometimes. You cannot think linearly. Aliens on other planet may not be subjected to our timeline of natural events...they may have been altered by other superior aliens. Also the environment may be different...other catalysts that change the rate of development for them.

    The space travel technology you're thinking about may be primitive to them...they may be taking short cuts through wormholes and master the use of gravity to shorten their path to our solar system.

    Many scientific findings in nature have baffled our so called brillant minds because they fail to think outside of the box even when they tried to think outside the box.

    There was a military insider Phil Corso who was involved in black projects and the Roswell event way back.
    He wrote a book "the day after Roswell" which described some of the seeding of technologies to U.S. technology companies from back engineering projects of the Roswell event. He did a deathbed confession as well.

    It appears that big governments are like a machine made of many parts that work together but some parts do not know what the other ones are doing. In order to make the machine perform the best, you first need to know what every part is capable of...so the parallel is there with the question I asked.

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