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How can we use social media or other applications to improve medicine? or should we?

Just a question I thought would be neat. Open to all answers.

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    Aug 24 2012: Dangerous combination!

    As social media can not be seperated from 'data collecting', 'data mining' and 'data trading', any personal data about medical matters would find its way to third parties which would violate privacy rights with ease to make a buck or two...

    And because such a system would not make any sense without authentic data, and privacy could never be guaranteed, I don't see a serious way to use social media for the improvement of medicine.
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    Aug 24 2012: I think social media does play a very good role in spreading awareness.
    Through social medium,we can spread awareness regarding a particular epidemic disease and even about day to day activities need to be practiced in order to stay healthy.
    Mobile users have grown rapidly and most of the users prefer mobile networking.so,building of applications will rather play a significant role to improve medicine.
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    Aug 24 2012: Sorry for being unclear. Sometimes things make a ton of sense in my head.
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      Aug 24 2012: David, people are suggesting that you avail yourself of the edit button that you have access to in the above box to alter the question so that you get the responses you would enjoy.
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    Aug 24 2012: I'll attack this question from a preventative stance. We could possibly reduce our necessity of medicine through culture. Today, here in the United States, we don't appear to be in a culture that encourages healthy life styles. Sidewalks have disappeared. The communities that have sidewalks had to pass a bill to get them put in as an afterthought. We have to drive everywhere we go. There are many other examples but I want to jump to the solution side. We should ask our Insurance companies to give us "no Claim" or "reduced Claims" premium rebates. We need incentives for being healthy other than being healthy in and of itself. Another thing we might change is our work schedules to be more flexible. We've made some progress here but it hasn't taken a firm hold. One last thing I've been thinking about recently is to actually change the landscape and infrastructure of our communities to promote alternate forms of travel be it running or biking or why not?, even rowing. Currently, you risk being killed by attempting to share the road with motorists. We do see bike lanes but we still have collision risk. Let's make medicine a non issue...see you at the local Zumba Marathon downtown!
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    Aug 23 2012: Start for all purposes by taking note of some of the great work being done by your own and others around the world. Harvard has done studies of healthcare that were utterly trashed by vested interests in the USA. Great work, great truth trashed for profit.
    Secondly ask yourself EVERY TIME - who has a bias here? Who profits if it goes this way?.

    Read a book called 'Deadly Spin" to get a sense of the traps and tactics against the truth in America.

    Repeal the right of corporations to be 'PERSONs' .

    These would be a great start to a more level playing field and to the restoration of 'freedom for all"
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      Aug 23 2012: I'm sorry, but I don't understand how this helps make medicine social. I'm talking about using social media applications to enhance the medical field.
      • Aug 23 2012: Do you mind modifying the text in the original question to include this? I too had the impression that you meant socialized (as in "socialism") healthcare.
        • Aug 23 2012: Me too, there is absolutely nothing that points at social media.