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How can we use social media or other applications to improve medicine? or should we?

Just a question I thought would be neat. Open to all answers.


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    Aug 23 2012: Start for all purposes by taking note of some of the great work being done by your own and others around the world. Harvard has done studies of healthcare that were utterly trashed by vested interests in the USA. Great work, great truth trashed for profit.
    Secondly ask yourself EVERY TIME - who has a bias here? Who profits if it goes this way?.

    Read a book called 'Deadly Spin" to get a sense of the traps and tactics against the truth in America.

    Repeal the right of corporations to be 'PERSONs' .

    These would be a great start to a more level playing field and to the restoration of 'freedom for all"
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      Aug 23 2012: I'm sorry, but I don't understand how this helps make medicine social. I'm talking about using social media applications to enhance the medical field.
      • Aug 23 2012: Do you mind modifying the text in the original question to include this? I too had the impression that you meant socialized (as in "socialism") healthcare.
        • Aug 23 2012: Me too, there is absolutely nothing that points at social media.

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