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How can we stop Corruption>??????

Earlier Pollution was the biggest problem but i think nowadays corruption is the problem whole world is facing..... It is at high level as well as low level.... So what do you think ???... How can you stop it if you get some power....????

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    Aug 23 2012: Teach our children more values than we ourselves learned from our parents.
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    Aug 31 2012: Create high paying jobs building portable solar concentrators which boil salt water, producing energy and clean water.
  • Aug 28 2012: I have to agree with TED Lover.
    WE need to get rid of the reasons for being corrupt but we are not only unwilling to do so,
    we don't believe getting rid of the causes will work or that it is possible to do so.

    Imagine thinking like that! One would most likely be very mentally unstable to think like that.
    Actually mentally ill all the way to the border of insanity.

    Like suggesting we live to a level of integrity. As it is right now, not everyone can because they are starving;
    They are impoverished. They don't have clean water, clothes, medical care, medicine. They don't have the very basics needed for life and they are dying everyday by the 10's if not 100's of thousands.

    To actually live to a level of integrity, well, THAT would be getting rid of the reasons for being corrupt. That would be an act of high integrity, but, no, poverty, starvation, inequality, slavery, these are all tolerable by the masses that aren't suffering under them. Great. Then, ask or tell or even demand or force those who aren't living such lives of hell to act with integrity and solve those problems now, because they are the only ones who can.

    Teach our children values? Are you kidding me? Show them your values by doing something for those who are dying, starving, diseased and so on. Show you actually live up to those so-called values you wish or suggest they be taught.
    Millions, even billions of people need things NOW, not in a two, three or five year plan that never comes about!

    Get rid of the reasons for being corrupt.

    How foolish is that?
  • Aug 25 2012: There is a way that technology can help.

    In places where the technology is available for electronic forms of money, just get rid of cash. Every electronic money transfer leaves an electronic record behind for the law enforcement authorities. Getting rid of cash in the USA would give the illegal drug traders a big headache too.
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    Aug 24 2012: Get rid of money in all of its forms. The global economic model is based on the principle of scarcity. When Adam Smith wrote his "Wealth of Nations" that is considered the canonical text for nations' and the global economic model, he said that the scantiness of subsistence (in his, thus our present economic model) sets natural limits, so that the greater number of children born to the “race of laborers” must die of poverty related issues for it to succeed.

    What "race" do you belong to? The wealthy race or the race of slaves?


    Power hierarchies are established and supported by money. Take away the money and equality becomes POSSIBLE. Only then are reason and empathy and community allowed to prosper.
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    Aug 24 2012: It is about quit doing things we don't agree with and that do harm to ourselves. That is a level of integrity that is way above most but is none the less the goal.
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    Aug 23 2012: I think it depends on what people value the most, and how much they value it. If they value it so much, they will make that responsible commitment to it. Like parents sacrificing a ton of stuff for the well-being of their children. Or a president sacrificing time with his family to run the country and doing what he believes is best for humanity.

    Then the other thing is trust building. You can't stop corruption if you don't trust anyone. So it's the leader's job to make people trust him, and it's the citizen's role to put their trust in that leader. It's a collaborative effort.
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    Aug 23 2012: do not put power in hands of government officials. corruption ends.
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      Aug 23 2012: So just give up? Or do you think slavery is better?
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    Aug 23 2012: We cant stop corruption. We can make it minimal by laws and anti-corruption campaigns; but selfishness, greed and hypocrisy can not be stopped by laws.
    As long as people have free will, they could choose to do wrong. On our part, we can decide to do the right thing at all times; and then hope and pray that so many others do the same.
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    Aug 23 2012: One of my favourite TED talks is on this topic:

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      Aug 24 2012: What a powerful video. Thanks for the link