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Is the reason we have few memories before the age of three because we have not had adequate instruction on perceiving the world?

My very first memories seem to come out of a fog and last less then a minute. They seem clear enough but i don't know what happened right before of after. Why?

Also, at first glance they seem to be painful but upon closer inspection before the pain was great happiness or awe. Is dualilty forced on ourselves by ourselves?

Are the teachers of perception really just our own inventions showing us how to experience life?


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    Aug 24 2012: I am still mad at that doctor for slapping me .... what a memory. No. Honestly, I am not qualified but do wish to make a guess. I think that at early ages we are basically in survival mode. We feel pain we cry. We need attention (food, body functions) we cry. We feel safe, happy, secure, we giggle, laugh, smile.

    The body is very busy preparing us for the next steps like growing knees, a plate in the head, developing sight other than fuzzy images, and so forth. There is nothing to make memories yet. If its bad cry ... if it is good smile and giggle. That to me is pure response at the most basic level ... survival much as any animal does.

    By the time we can walk most of the body is in place and then it shifts to a sensory response system. We can start to associate what is causing the pain or the joy and thus developing a recall (memory) or association of do this hurt ... do this feel good ... do this cry and get a change.

    We spend the first years of their lives teaching them to walk and talk ... and the next 15 to 20 telling them to shut up and sit down.

    I am going to invent a puppy that stays at the cute stage forever .... would it work on kids too ..... hummmmm

    All the best.

    • Aug 25 2012: Bob, I don't think anyone is an qualified for stuff like this. What you say makes perfect sense but what if when we are learning the associations we get some of them wrong? What we think should bring us joy really ends up bringing us sorrow but sense it was learner at such an early age we don't realize it.

      If kids stayed in the cute stage we would have no reason to kick them out of the house and our species would die out real fast. Hormones where meant as a trigger to detach ourselves from our kids, but now we keep them around for a few more years to drive us crazy. Hmm, I wonder if this is one of those misassociations...
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        Aug 25 2012: It occurs now. When the learning associations get all mixed up birth has been given to another politician.

        Thanks for the reply. Bob

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