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Is the reason we have few memories before the age of three because we have not had adequate instruction on perceiving the world?

My very first memories seem to come out of a fog and last less then a minute. They seem clear enough but i don't know what happened right before of after. Why?

Also, at first glance they seem to be painful but upon closer inspection before the pain was great happiness or awe. Is dualilty forced on ourselves by ourselves?

Are the teachers of perception really just our own inventions showing us how to experience life?


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    Aug 24 2012: All our experiences, good or bad are perceived in a context, compared to another experience. We don't know what hot is if we don't know feel room temperature, we don't know light if we don't know dark. Maybe the first years of our lives are a period for setting grounds, and establishing our equilibrium. After we know where we stand, we can star experiencing other feelings and situations that are not so "usual", that put us out of balance, and being put out of balance is what we remember.
    It's like perceptive adaptation. You are not constantly aware of the clothes you're wearing, but if something falls on you, you will feel and perceive the change on your skin. Maybe it's how the mind works too.
    • Aug 25 2012: So you are saying our first memories only stand out in our mind because they were something different from the routine experience we were living. This is interesting and makes a lot of sense because a baby's life is very routine. Then when something new and very different happens we form a memory. Then perceiving in context we would compare that first memory to the next and so on until our worldveiw is set.

      Maybe that is why those of us that struggle with life have such a hard time, our brains are hardwired from our first perceptions.
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        Aug 25 2012: Exactly! I strongly believe our first moments on Earth are crucial for our entire life.

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