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Is the reason we have few memories before the age of three because we have not had adequate instruction on perceiving the world?

My very first memories seem to come out of a fog and last less then a minute. They seem clear enough but i don't know what happened right before of after. Why?

Also, at first glance they seem to be painful but upon closer inspection before the pain was great happiness or awe. Is dualilty forced on ourselves by ourselves?

Are the teachers of perception really just our own inventions showing us how to experience life?


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  • Aug 23 2012: Brad,
    Very interesting topic...

    Thinking is in full march from the moment you are born. But its working hard trying to piece everything together. Imagine yourself back to this time. No words for anything, just pure observation.. pure perception. without any conceptual thinking. This is an extremely hard thing to do. To observe the world as an adult without conceptual thinking.
    This is actually an esoteric experience that is even spoken of by Jesus when he says "To come into the kingdom of heaven you must become as little children" There is great mystery in this.

    Along the same lines. While your thinking is fully engaged in the act of perceiving the world. Steadily building more and more concepts. ... piecing together "reality" ... As you as a little 2.5 - 3 year old ... one day a light is turned on within you. This light is the discovery of the fact that you too are an "I" This discovery is revealed in the fact that the child from one moment to the next refers to him / herself as "I will do this or that" instead of the child saying " Bobby will have this or that" The child discovers that he / she is an individual among other individuals. This has a connection with your question of why memory begins at around the age of 3 years. This can vary to some degree but generally speaking, most people remember as far back as 3 years or so and not more.

    The birth of the "I" is this remarkable change within the child's consciousness. ... "I" am I ... and no other person on this entire planet can make that claim. The Christ also said "I am" the I am .....
    • Aug 24 2012: Surely the capacity to think is there some time before we are born. Or do you think it is tried to our other senses such as sight and having to breath on our own? How can a sperm and an egg, two non-thinking and unaware things, come together and make a being who can question his own existance?
      • Aug 24 2012: Hi Brad,

        There are a lot of other "forces" "beings" "higher powers" doing some thinking too. Preparing the way. Making things on the physical plane happen according to a universal will. It gets pretty esoteric from this point. TED is perhaps not the right forum...
        • Aug 25 2012: I thought this would tie into some of those videos on here about perception and illusion. Seems they hint at this sort of stuff but never really talk about it.

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