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Is the reason we have few memories before the age of three because we have not had adequate instruction on perceiving the world?

My very first memories seem to come out of a fog and last less then a minute. They seem clear enough but i don't know what happened right before of after. Why?

Also, at first glance they seem to be painful but upon closer inspection before the pain was great happiness or awe. Is dualilty forced on ourselves by ourselves?

Are the teachers of perception really just our own inventions showing us how to experience life?


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    Aug 23 2012: I personally think that they were terrorized out of us. I have MANY vivid memories of lying in my crib, eating in my high chair, learning to walk, to run, being taken for rides in the baby carriage. But I know the terrors that brought something beautiful to an end.

    I was 4 when my grandfather died. It was only then that I realized that my worldview was incompatible with those around me (though I didn't know words like incompatible yet even if I knew that the concept was present). I found my older sister crying and asked her why. "Because Grandpa's dead!!!" she exclaimed, as if it was stupid to not be crying because he was dead. I told her that yes, he's dead, but he's not really DEAD dead. I mean you can't see him any more but you can be with him any time you want. He's not DEAD dead. She screamed at me to go away.

    I went to my father and asked why he was home from work. He said that his father had died. I told him that Grandpa might be dead, but he's not DEAD dead. I was carried to my bed and told it was time to take a nap. Three months later I was enrolled in Sunday School.

    Until that point, I knew my place in the universe. I was always part of a greater me, that I freely communicated with. But in Sunday School, I learned that I must "pray" to God to be heard, and that god had a son that he had killed to save me from being punished for my sins - sins that I didn't even know I had.

    The following week, I told Mrs. L about what god really is. I was told that I was talking to the devil and must stop right away.

    At the same time, I started kindergarten. The first day we were to stand (with our mommies present) and watch them say the pledge of allegiance. I was horrified. My greater me was telliing me not to. It was insistent.

    But I was told that I MUST stop being a baby and I MUST learn it - and I knew that I would be punished if I didn't.

    the better parts of us are terrified out of us & our survival rests on this in young minds.
    • Aug 24 2012: I only have one clear memory from before i was 3 or so and have never felt i was part of sonething bigger then myself. Nor has religon ever had an impact on me. I have always felt when i die i will be gone and thats that. But that doesnt make any sense either because life had to start somewhere and spawning randomly just dont really cut it. I watched a show where Stephen Hawkins said he thought odds were to great for life to have started on earth and he thought it started else where and was brought here by comets. Why would that make the odds any lower?

      I totally agree with having to conform to what society wants us to be, this is one reason I am not a fan of preschool, at the peril of my head start teaching wife. Weird to not have a memory when you where not in school. I think it is like advertising, the younger they hook you the better.

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