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Why we find the Sun bigger at Sunrise, quite smaller at mid noon and again quite bigger at Sunset?

For quite long time this question is visiting my mind and grab my attention, so I thought to put it here. Any one have guess that Why we find the Sun bigger at Sunrise, quite smaller at mid noon and again quite bigger at Sunset?

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    Aug 24 2012: There is so much water in it. Look what a drop of water does if you drop it on an image. It distorts the image. The water in the atmosphere does the same thing.
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    Aug 23 2012: Balkul, An airplane does not appear to be moving fast. However, at takeoff and landing when it is going by lanscape it takes on the look of speed. I say a cargo plane is big .. you say thats nice. I say a cargo plane is so big it can load six full size grayhound busses into the bay ... you say wow that IS big. It is all a matter of perspective and comparision. I give you something unknown and place it along side of something known you get a better picture.

    That you and I can share the sunrise and sunset ... the moon ... the wonders of nature makes me appreciate everything more. We should all stop and smell the roses more often.

    Have a great day my friend and enjoy the sunset tonight.

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    Aug 23 2012: The interpretation of size in our human minds is highly affected by comparison in a given context. We do not grasp size absolute, we do grasp size relative and by comparison.

    The size of the sun (and the moon) is the same regardless its position on the hemisphere. As the sun is also a shining object, the position on low altitudes (set/dawn) allows a better view due to the limitation of blending. Usually in those positions we are able to see the circle of the sun directly, whereas at mid noon our eyes are blinded without the use of strong sun-glasses.

    So the moon would be a better example, as he doesn't blind the eye and also appears to change its size and looks at times incredible big on low horizon and smaller all up in the sky.

    This happens, because in open sky our mind has nothing for comparison and our memory of sizes is not good enough to avoid this illusive appearance. On low levels on the horizon, the size of the moon as well as the sun get's interpreted in context of the surrounding and therefore 'virtually' bigger in size.
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    Aug 23 2012: I can't state the scientific reason behind such behaviour.
    I think Sun is bigger at sunrise to specify the fact its day and day is marked scientifically when one side of the earth is completely dark(Mark of Night) and the other completely bright(Facing towards the sun).
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    Aug 23 2012: Atmosphere. It acts like a lens. You are looking through more atmosphere at sunrise and sunset.
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    Aug 23 2012: mostly optical illusion. our brain fails at such extraordinary objects like the sun and the moon.