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A universal definition of life.

Any entity that has the ability to store and exchange information autonomously.
Perhaps as we move through the next millenium we will need a definition of life that is this general. It may be needed to classify artificial life or to classify alien life. We may find life forms so different to ourselves that the only recognisable feature is information management. It might also help us to identify the point at which a person is no longer alive.

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    Aug 26 2012: If a species cannot both reproduce and enjoy copious amounts of drugs, it is infact a half life.
    • Aug 26 2012: I don't know Ritchie, I've had numerous attempts at reproduction, both sexually and asexually, that have not resulted in fruitful offspring, however I feel like I have quite a full life.

      In fact, I think I may take another shot at it later tonight :)

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