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A universal definition of life.

Any entity that has the ability to store and exchange information autonomously.
Perhaps as we move through the next millenium we will need a definition of life that is this general. It may be needed to classify artificial life or to classify alien life. We may find life forms so different to ourselves that the only recognisable feature is information management. It might also help us to identify the point at which a person is no longer alive.

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    Aug 25 2012: I throught my life have sort the answer to this question, as i'm sure many people have. At certain periods of my life I found myself going through bouts of depression and anxiety over this very question. I have also found that people with a lesser mind do not understand the concept of a life with definition, but this is not ofcorse based on any hard evidence or proper reasearch on my part. After much soul searching and research I found what I believe works for me and that is sex and drugs. Now life is great.......... Also, the younger the better :)

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