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Pride; Good or Bad?

Pride, in religion, is often referred to as the universal sin. But why is it considered so? I don't believe I am sinning when I say, "I'm proud of my son" or "I'm proud of my self for accomplishing my goals today". What do you think?

I also think that, regardless of religion, the culture of modern day society scrutinizes pride. Why is that?

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    Aug 23 2012: Pride is neither good or bad. It is how it is exhibited by the individual that is seen by others. Pride can be seen as a virtue or as vanity. Pride can be an inflated sense of personal status or accompolishment (sometimes called hubris). It can also be the product of praise, self reflection, or a fulfilled sense of belonging such as national pride.

    Nothing is either good or bad least we make it so.

    A good policy is: Everything in moderation.

    All the best. Bob.
  • Aug 23 2012: It isn't pride that is necessarily bad, it is being overly proud to the point that it makes you blind that is bad. That distinction is what I believe was the original intent behind many religions, but those in power corrupted it to the being proud in order to help make people more servile
    • Aug 23 2012: I like that, that makes a lot of sense.
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    Aug 23 2012: Pride or arrogance, or whatever name is given to those thoughts or feeling by an individual that 'the world revolves around him or her', is good for absolutely nothing.

    Admiring one's son or daughter for an achievement or a laudable effort, is not pride.
    Being proud of one's accomplishment is in itself not pride; even though we could fall into the trap of having an exaggerated impression of our abilities and skill.
    Pride comes when we think we are the only one with the right and talent to recieve the praise and admiration that other talented and deserving people enjoy.
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    Aug 23 2012: Understand the word PRIDE itself has got a negative conotation........
    What I feel PRIDE combined with COMPLACENCY can be bad.....otherwise it should be fine if it is coupled with humility specially.
  • Aug 23 2012: Pride is "bad", simply because it is based on personal view, not on facts.

    See, when you a proud of your son, you have already made a mistake, insofar that this means that your son is basically someone you do not accept-otherwise he would have the same value in your mind all day, and he would not need to do anything special to make you have a good feeling about him.

    And when you are proud of accomplishing your goals, you fool yourself. Nobody is perfect, so in truth you accomplished a couple of goals, but not all you need to take care of.

    Pride is a very empty feeling, as it mostly is a fiction of perfection. You can literally be proud of anything, so by what reality other than your personal is this feeling validated? And when you only consider your own feeling, you are isolated.
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    Aug 23 2012: As Brad says being proud of our children is indeed second nature.

    This perhaps is a clue as to why we have the feeling of pride. If the feeling was bad for us and bad for society then we should expect it to have been eliminated over time.

    My own guess is that the feeling of pride developed as one of our internal feedback mechanisms. For example we are proud to have climbed a mountain, this pride will help change our self image so that next time we are faced with a similar challenge we will be willing to attempt it.

    Similarly we might feel regret for example if we did not draw our bosses attention to a problem we were aware of, if a rival is praised for raising the issue first. The regret should help us learn to do better next time.

    The thing about both of these feelings is that they are essentially internal feedback to ourselves. It is good that we feel them.

    However they might not have evolved to be shared, so we might get negative responses to too much sharing of our feeling of pride with others.
  • Aug 23 2012: Pride fuels self-importance. Self-imporance requires us to spend much of our life being offended by someone. Such and such said this about me, so and so did that. Most of these things would have no effect on us save for the fact they hurt our pride.

    Being proud of our children is second nature but it is really just another way of stoking out self-importance. If we weren't such awesome parents then our kids wouldn't have done the great things that made us proud.

    As far as religion goes it is maybe because God makes and does all so what would you have to be proud of?