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Pride; Good or Bad?

Pride, in religion, is often referred to as the universal sin. But why is it considered so? I don't believe I am sinning when I say, "I'm proud of my son" or "I'm proud of my self for accomplishing my goals today". What do you think?

I also think that, regardless of religion, the culture of modern day society scrutinizes pride. Why is that?


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  • Aug 23 2012: Pride fuels self-importance. Self-imporance requires us to spend much of our life being offended by someone. Such and such said this about me, so and so did that. Most of these things would have no effect on us save for the fact they hurt our pride.

    Being proud of our children is second nature but it is really just another way of stoking out self-importance. If we weren't such awesome parents then our kids wouldn't have done the great things that made us proud.

    As far as religion goes it is maybe because God makes and does all so what would you have to be proud of?

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