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Do you think political leaders will provide any form of resolution before we hit the fiscal cliff?

With the impending US fiscal cliff (Jan 2013), do you think we will see any resolution? Or, will the can just be kicked farther down the road?

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    Aug 22 2012: I sincerely think that the politicians will pout and take a hands off stance and watch the economy crash and burn because they have no idea and no idea of how to communicate the urgency to the electorate. They do not know what to do with a population who does not want the truth and they played a game of self centeredness until it is now too late to fix it. I want to be an optimist in this but perhaps the truth is the best outcome- for I think the USA is definately a phoenix who will certainly rise from the ashes. I worry, however, that there will be more suffering than the world can even imagine.
    I hope I am wrong.
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      Aug 22 2012: I fear the same, and based on previous record it is not looking to good. Hopefully we can resolve our problems before we reach a breaking point.
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      Aug 22 2012: I understand your sentiment, but I... and I'm not usually the guy to say this, I think you have a bit too little faith in the American people. I think the only people not interested in solving our problems... live in Washington. Both the Tea Party, and Occupy Wall Street, had a central message of fiscal solvency before they got co opted by the nuts.

      The only people who even think Americans don't know what needs to be done, are the people on TV. I think the average homeless guy here has a better solution than these knuckleheads. So, we might hit the cliff, but then we'll go on a headhunting mission at the poles and start getting our act together.

      Right now, the American people, are like a group of Brewers, and Mets fans... If we actually go over the cliff... The Yankees are coming to town : )

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