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DO anybody has suggestions for me to improve my English speaking, listening and writing skill?

I'm not so good at English speaking and writing. If anybody could help or give any suggestions about this problem, it will be of great help and I'll appreciate it.

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    Sep 2 2012: I will give you one simple rule that always proves useful in the long run: You can try reading, watching movies or any other activities but, and here's the thing, it has to be something you really enjoy doing.
  • Aug 24 2012: My father told me one question to always ask. Did you do the best you could? Languages are very hard to learn for some people. What languages do you know? If you tried to speak to me in English, I would do the best I can to communicate with you. Sadly, I am no fluent in any other. However, using a phrase book and gestures can get one further than you can imagine with those you wish to meet. Gurdfeff's adventures were posible because he knew Persian/Turkish. A third languagecould help and certainly there is Esperanto and Pidgeon. Communication is what it is all about. H.g. Wells had an arguement about Pidgeon as a communication device. To try is the greatest courtesy to others.
  • Aug 23 2012: I think the most important to use english is to learn the irregular verbs. For me it seems to be the key to speaking and reading this language. When you know these, you simply just need translations to learn the language.

    And of course you should write a lot, like in forums. You gonna make mistakes, but that is no problem, there will be less mistakes soon. You should not waste time on grammar, a language has to be felt, not to be thought. Native speakers learn to talk first, without any grammar.
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    Aug 22 2012: When some TED folks see a contributor struggling with the English language they will offer constructive, remedial advice. So, join in a few conversations and see what happens. Here is an example: in your headline the words "DO anybody has" should be "Does anyone have". Otherwise your headline is very well composed. Congratulations Mr. Thakuri, and be brave!
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      Aug 22 2012: JINX, I was about to catch on the same thing.

      One tip I would offer Nawaraj is practicing in real life. Read in English, listen to English, and interact in English. One good tip if you have some friends that speak English relatively well, they would actually correct you on the spot while you're talking or reading to them.

      My two cents.
  • Sep 20 2012: I am an English teacher in Hawaii. If you were here, you can come to my class and I will teach you how to improve your English! There are many resources on the Internet that you can use. A good one is Jennifer Recio Lebedev's Youtube lessons. Go to Youtube and type "JenifferESL". She is a great English teacher and has many good lessons. Or you can email me. I will be happy to share some lessons with you. They will be lessons I share with my students. Thank you and Mahalo (thanks) from Hawaii.
  • Aug 31 2012: Have you tried duolingo?

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    Aug 23 2012: You can improve your English if you are ready for the hardwork.
    Watch a lot of CNN or BBC or Al-Jazeera English; listen to English songs and then watch English films that have English subtitles. Then try to read out loud from English books.

    And more importantly, love English.
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    Aug 23 2012: You can probably learn by watching YouTube videos, taking them a frame or three at a time if need be.
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    Aug 23 2012: Rosetta Stone software (very expensive) gives you a chance to practice speaking while learning how to read and write. I liv in the US and Spanish is becoming important to know. I have found free software that does the same thing. Perhaps in your country, you will find free or inexpensive software to help you.