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Is it possible to achieve inner peace with actions towards world peace?

I was browsing Scilia´s web page when i came upon a website which propouses actions towards world peace. It gave me the possibility to propouse my own challenge and I did it, but i have little faith that giving I am from Argentina they will hardly consider my own as a serious offer. So i came upon, as well, with the Dalai Lama /which I already retwited- inner peace gives us world peace, or something like it. And i wonder... is it possible the other way around?

  • Aug 22 2012: Interesting that peace requires so much effort. I thought of peace as being a state in which all this perceived effort is not really necessary. In fact, most effort doesn't seem peaceful to me. I guess it can be. I don't know.

    One dictionary defines peace as, "a state of tranquility or quiet", "freedom from civil disturbance", "freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotions", "harmony in personal relations". None of these seem to me to be filled with "effort", so much effort just to be peaceful. It just feels contradictory to me.

    It would seem to me that seeking and finding inner peace is not only a part of helping to influence and create world peace, but it also extremely necessary to any individual because of the amount of artificially induced stress we are all subject to. But each person should, me thinks, seek to find this so that they may not become diseased by what causes them stress, or inner disturbance, leading to no inner peace.
    That is possible. A psychic change can occur in which what one needs to do to maintain inner peace, happens without thought or effort on their part. It happens automatically. The outside cause of internal war, no longer exists and a position of neutrality is found that is solid. If one does have one thing that they know and trust without doubt or fear, absolutely in other words, then they know they are all right and will be all right.

    I sense, or I actually hear or witness from others is that most don't really trust what they say they believe in.
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    Aug 22 2012: I hope it will one day be but right now it is a work in progress and it still requires a lot of personal effort.