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Any solutions to revolutionise the product distribution system in India?

Product Distribution has been one of the major bottlenecks for any company, say a startup or MNC... Productive discussions in this topic could give interesting insights to us ! :)

ref: http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2012/08/in_india_distribution_is_god.html


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    Aug 22 2012: Yes Varsha Suresh, I totally agree to what you said... If Walmart wants to be price leaders in India, they have no other choice than cutting the supply chain cost, which one of the most challenging task they are going to face in Indian market. Personally, awaiting giants like walmart and tesco to launch in India and see their innovative moves.

    Varsha, any Idea about how they have worked out in the Supply chain & distribution in a large country like China?

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