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Any solutions to revolutionise the product distribution system in India?

Product Distribution has been one of the major bottlenecks for any company, say a startup or MNC... Productive discussions in this topic could give interesting insights to us ! :)

ref: http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2012/08/in_india_distribution_is_god.html


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    Aug 21 2012: Good one DH !

    The first point, you are very much right... Most banks in India are targeting this potentiality of postal system in the country. India with a huge untapped rural market is a tough place to penetrate into. And the only available, well set distribution channel is Postal System. And Banks have already started working on this idea to spread their presence over this space. The second point looks interesting and a bit fancy too :P

    Excellent thought DH.. ! Keep in touch :)
    • Aug 21 2012: When private couriers failed the very same people who had turned their back to Govt. Postal Department are very eager to modernize the so called ailing and incapable postal dept. The post man who delivers letters to our office and the locality one day came by motor cycle to deliver the letters as it was very hot on that day about 49 c, I was happy that he had finally been given a motor cycle to deliver letters but when I asked about it he said I am running fever and I knew that I will not able to deliver letter by cycle and hence borrowed the motor cycle from a friend filled the petrol by my money. I could not sleep on that night thinking about how to improve the condition of the poor post man. So it is not the papers or letters dear it is question of flesh and that too flesh of our own. My idea here is to merge all banking & postal entities to become one single entity. The ATMs be made a bit more spacious and equipped with all kinds of gadgets like computer, fax etc. It will be having all the facility of post and bank. It should be manned by one capable employee. The old post box should be modernized so that the letter & packets can be stored in the mobile postal van by employing robotic hands or a succsion pipe where the pipe fitted to Post box sucks the letters and parcels in to the chambers in the van. Then the question of delivery-the local and rural unemployed youth be engaged with a salary to maintain his expenses and study. They should be given an area which can be covered by cycle within 2-3hrs. It can generate huge amount of jobs. It will be win win all for all. The aged post man be given the desk jobs, consultancy service to train & guide the young post man, manual shorting jobs.I will be all for all the stake holders.

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