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why do we live and exist? For what?

why do we live? why do we exist for what?
Some people would say for their family , religion , dream , or for their happiness.
However, I wnat to know the closest and deepest meaning.
This is really abstract and difficult question , but we had better to think about it.
I am 18years old , and I want to know about it before I become 20
We may exist and live by coincidence or without reason; we could exist for harmony. Also, If the God is truly exist , we could live and exist for the GOD.
This is my pain , and What do YOU think about it? Why do we live? Why do we need to know the reason? Why is it so painful to live without reason?
< In my opinion, the answer is no. We exist and live without reason, but we can find the reasoon in our mind. ( life is ambiguous like my answer)I will live to make the perfect and better world >


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  • Mar 21 2011: I always thought nihilism was really depressing, but then i read about it, and found out that because there is no inherent purpose to anything, we have to create our own purpose. I'm definitely trying to live my life according to that.

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