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why do we live and exist? For what?

why do we live? why do we exist for what?
Some people would say for their family , religion , dream , or for their happiness.
However, I wnat to know the closest and deepest meaning.
This is really abstract and difficult question , but we had better to think about it.
I am 18years old , and I want to know about it before I become 20
We may exist and live by coincidence or without reason; we could exist for harmony. Also, If the God is truly exist , we could live and exist for the GOD.
This is my pain , and What do YOU think about it? Why do we live? Why do we need to know the reason? Why is it so painful to live without reason?
< In my opinion, the answer is no. We exist and live without reason, but we can find the reasoon in our mind. ( life is ambiguous like my answer)I will live to make the perfect and better world >

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    Mar 21 2011: Once one's needs are met, the only thing left is the needs of others. Contentment and meaning follows.
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      Mar 21 2011: Hello Lynn,

      I agree totally and hope you don't mind if I repeat this succinct yet bountiful wisdom.

      It so important that you mentioned need instead of want.

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        Apr 3 2011: Wayne . . . if you repeat it, say it this way (more poetic): Once one's needs are met, the needs of others is all that's left.

        Cheers to you as well.
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      Mar 24 2011: Wow Lynn!
      That is pretty profound and I think you summed it up.
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    Mar 31 2011: Like the airline teaches, 'put your mask on first, then assist others'.

    Once your needs are met, the needs of others is alll that's left. And you will be content.

    My very humble opionion.
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    Apr 1 2011: Let's start with a couple of questions more which should come prior to those you mentioned. Those are , Why we came ? Were we in control of our coming or not coming?Answer to the First ; scientifically to maintian continuity of our gene pool, beyond science no logical explanation is there, and to Second ;no we had no control on that. My point is something that we can't control what's point of worrying about it? Instead of worrying we can rather search for the answer with all positive notion.So as we came, it is better to live , live a purposeful life. What's the purpose ? That's your choice. But definitely something positive will help you to enjoy life, one can be unconditional love. Self enlightment without harming others can be another good reason though thats a bit self centered which I don't prefer.Do you feel sad or bad if something wrong goes anywhere in the world as for example , that happened in Japan recently ? If your answer is YES , then that's the reason you live for. You live for the wellbeing of others even if you can't do something tangible immediately, you have the good wish for everyone.Last not least, Hyunguk , why you are allowing yourself only 2 years time to find the answer of a million years question of billions minds ? That's too much stress on yourself , which is not needed really :). Have a good day.
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      Apr 2 2011: Truely said Salim, I agree :)

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    Apr 1 2011: "There probably isn't any meaning in life. Perhaps you can find something interesting to do while you are alive. Like how you found that flower. Like how I found you."
    (Orochimaru in Naruto)
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      Apr 1 2011: why does it rain? why do we breathe? why do we have relations among family? the question is WHY??
      If we have the answers and reasons of this why for things happenings, then every thing has a reason behind.

      Curiosity leads to enlight us if we start interlinking the links of phenomenons we come through :)
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          Apr 1 2011: Exactly, if we come up with reasons behind happening, then question 'why' got the answer Birdia :P
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          Apr 2 2011: - It's amazing how fast you get my way of thinking and make funny jokes about it Birdia, respect! -

          @ Younus
          The "why" question in this context is the problem.
          From a language perspective, you can also pose questions as:
          "how many colors are June?" "What did gyre and gimble in the wabe?" or
          "Can laughter kill past sentences?"
          => Those are grammatically right questions, and they might even look reasonable... they are nonsense.
          "Why" questions imply that there is a reason... and for some things there is one, for others there isn't... I think there is no reason to life... It just is.
          There is no law in nature saying there must be a reason behind everything... that is a logical (but very human, all too human) fallacy

          I'd go for the evaporation and wind and temperature hypotheses
          Body needs oxygen for energy... Fish use gills,
          Mild buffer for incest and genetic preservation (Darwinian)
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      Apr 2 2011: Dear ChristopheI would ask a simple question to you, Why do we give birth to our children? What provokes us to do that?I hope your answer would be, giving your name growth to upcoming generation or to grow your family. Again why did you think that way?Here why is very essential in all terms before doing anything irrationally.Life is with a reason also, that is to prosper in beautiful ways. Love is eternal, why so? because it grows, the more you feed it. There is a simple answer by nature behind everything, wiser are those who find it or atleast try to find it.What do we get by helping others in terms of not getting material benefits from them? Its happiness and happiness is eternal, the time you smile at other..the return would be definitely the same. Why? Because its a universal law, whatever you project, it will reflect your own projection.
      Why does it rain comes with a simple answer to the areas that need water and to fulfill the essential need of water to those regions and things, that are in need of it, to prosper. Here again the growth factor is involved.
      There is a big myth created and being flooted that we are running out of natural resources, but infact natural resources are in abundance but we have limited capacity to use them.

      Would appreciate your questions to make things more clear, upto your satisfaction.Regards
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        Apr 2 2011: First, it will be helpful to distinguish between two commonly conflated types of 'why.' From the time of the ancient Greeks on, there has been an important division between the material cause and the final cause (there are a couple of others, but they can be left aside for the moment). When you told Birdia that the reasons behind the happening answered the 'why', you conflated the two. An explanation of 'how' the rain happens, to help us distinguish between the two senses, is not support for the claim that there is any goal being aimed at (as would be the case with final causes).When people have children (sometimes), there is a sense of a final cause. That is, there is something (or things) that the parents hope to accomplish as a result. However, your argument that we can make the same kind of claim about rain—for instance that it is created for the end goal of fulfilling the need of water to those regions and things—needs a whole separate kind of argument. I can agree with you that life does prosper in many beautiful ways. However, that does not, in itself, do sufficient groundwork to validate the conclusion that nature acts according to final causes.

        Younus: Let me put it another way: As long as anyone can explain an event or feature of the world by showing 'how it happens' we need not accept your assumption that there must also, therefore, be a 'why it happens.'
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          Apr 2 2011: Final cause has only been mentioned already...

          What are materials to you? Causes are led by thoughts...
  • Mar 21 2011: I always thought nihilism was really depressing, but then i read about it, and found out that because there is no inherent purpose to anything, we have to create our own purpose. I'm definitely trying to live my life according to that.
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    Mar 19 2011: To lift the burden off the shoulders of others. To love unconditionally.
    • Mar 19 2011: That is so sweet. I am jealus that you have a good idea of living. I have a question. Could you please teach me how to love unconditionally and how can I lift burden off the shoulders of others? I have been living as a shy and coward guy. I want to live people like buddha , jesus,and you. But it is so painfully so hard for me.
      Thank you for sharing your idea , Good luck!!!!
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        Apr 19 2011: eliminate apathy, grief, fear, lust and pride. Accept courage, acceptance and you'll retain the peace of mind :)

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    • Apr 5 2011: I agree, everything is designed to fit hand in glove, however I do not agree that it is some divine power. Evolution has been going on for billions of years, when genetic mutations occur they are not just for the benefit of its origin but for all life, that's because of this pattern that you mention. By just assuming that it is created by a divine power you lose some of your ability to think. I have been researching this for many years now and though I am almost sure I already know the answer, it is far to early to be accepted. If you tried someone in a court of law you would present all the evidence, not that what suits what you believe in. Imagine the chaos! Once you start to go down the wrong path, it takes an awful lot of thought to get back on the tracks. When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth!
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        • Apr 6 2011: Hi, I think you misunderstand; this is a debate. I am sorry you seem to take offence at what I said, but I do understand. It is only by criticism will we ever come to some compromise and maybe eventually to an answer. I am not being critical of your beliefs intentionally, that just happens when you have a debate, otherwise what is the use of a debate? When I observe the beliefs of anyone, I get the feeling that their thinking as gone down a one way path and there are no other paths leading off this. I believe this is true in your case, can you see the futility in this debate, because of that?
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        • Apr 7 2011: Hi Kathy K, You forgot to put in Thinking ( maybe.) It was a joke. Shame about your lack of humour and your lack of ability to know the difference between an idea and a debate! If your letter was for the ideas page, why don't you put it there and save any mix ups? By the way you have not apologized for misleading the readers. Next time make sure you are on the right page. Why are you so angry? If you would like a debate I would be so willing, but we must debate using facts. I say facts because mysticism and the spiritual can explain everything, but tell us nothing. I don't suppose you remember when the earth was flat. Look it up!
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      Apr 6 2011: @ Kathy - i second you to much of your views.

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    Mar 29 2011: Being the helper of others, in times of need, make us feel as if we have attained the eternal bliss, one can only experienced, by the gestures, love, care and affections, that person given in return :)
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    Mar 29 2011: We live to attain the last devine thing, called Love as the last outcome.
  • Mar 23 2011: I can promise you being 24 (not that much older) that when I was 18 I struggled with the same answer, and I struggled and asked. I dropped out of highschool to goto bible college and then i joined the army for a year or so and then i moved to paris and was a boehemian existentialist, now i'm living back in texas as a postmodern psychiatrist wannabe... and you know what?

    thats something that I continue to ask myself, sometimes depression is merely the act of asking this question too much "why do I exist?", the more important thing though. look at all the neat stuff i got to do in between!

    more importantly be excited for all the things this perernial question will drive us too, and i hope you never come up with an answer that just "solves" it. I hope youre not reading a book one and your like "yeah i guess that sums it up, our power relations to our ontological subjectivity is meaningless and communication is hopeless and life is ABSURD" and you give up, never give up. keep asking and asking and asking and asking and asking and exploring

    test out whatever theories come to mind... if you really believe the world is without reason, believe it... see what happens, doesnt the world strike you as oddly cosmological? accomodate to that new data, then what? don't things seem without a justification behind them?... what then? antithesis, thesis synthesis, this is the dialectical question that changes us throughout our life
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      Apr 1 2011: We exist for a purpose. The free will has been given to us to use in anyway we want it to, for there is a reward of all good deeds and bad ones also.
      It is our test on earth to prove our good acts more than bad ones :)

      I know i haven't explained it much...things are so wierd as they get opening up from this simple statement of mine.

      Looking forward to your questions, will appreciate them and be bpleased to reply upto your satisfaction :)

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    Mar 23 2011: i beleieve the orgin of the reason is unimportant, and to live a life without reason is waste of oppertunity. proabablity of being alive as u are now alone beggs to be exploited.
    find a reason and live it. dont just show up for it, but really live it.

    to think there would be some pre decided destiny would assume there is no free will, which i would dissagree with
  • Mar 23 2011: I like your question
    I think it is to expirience hell and heaven and everything in bettween, to truly understand the paradoxes in this world we need to expirience them. then and only then may we reckonize the balance they teach us.

    to put it simply, to learn through expiriences.
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      Apr 19 2011: better late than never :)
    • Mar 20 2011: thank you so much. I am jubilant many people could help me. What a beatiful world. Have a beatiful life AND THE most happiest life!!!
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    • Mar 20 2011: Thank you so much! I will do my best to be happy boy. I wish all of people could know like you know.
      I feel so haapy and hopeful. The perfect world will be when all people realize the responsibility.
      I am so lucky guy.
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    Mar 19 2011: I think that every person at this planet has a purpose. I also believe that finding that purpose is a result of finding yourself first, and discovering who are you and what makes you. It could be that purpose is to serve to others. By that I mean doing selfless acts, asking nothing for return, just giving to others, and be happy to give.
    • Mar 20 2011: thank you so so much, your saying remind me of some philosopher and buddhist saying.
      I am straying to find my self . When I find it , I will devote and use my life for other peoples.
      " l love myself , therefore I can love others." " I think , therefore I am."
      I am so gald and happy to be one of human in this beatiful world.
      I pray for all peole....
  • Mar 19 2011: Hi, you have certainly set a challenge with this question. I suppose the meaning of life comes with whatever belief you have. If your belief is strong enough this question would never arise, it would already have been answered. My personal belief comes from what I see and research. Evolution if real; then when life first started, it evolved for the benefit of the species. If this pattern was repeated over and over again and each time it improved the species, then eventually intelligent life (us,) would be the outcome. Evolution however does not stop, it goes on improving the species. I know I will not live long enough to see our changes as they happen, but that does not stop me from dreaming of the things that will come. I sometimes ask myself: does the ferryman really exist? Maybe not!
    • Mar 19 2011: I love what you have wrriten, and thank you so much about teaching me. You are defenetly right that my belief is not strong.Meanwhile , I have been digressing and wandering like a man in the desert. My belief might be weak , and haven't grown enoughly. I agree with you : the evolution. I feel so hopeful that we are going to be evolved. Hope!!!!! For the better we are!!!!