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Would the wind energy industry make better planet-saving progress if wind turbines didn’t all look like gigantic airplane propellers?

If new turbines could be developed that weren't such enormous fixtures on the landscape, weren't an annoyance to local residents, and didn't eat birds and bats, would it make a difference in sustainable energy development efforts? How can public opinion influence seemingly unshakable corporate trajectories, so innovations are rigorously pursued for human need, rather than for profit?


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    Aug 21 2012: Dyson wind turbine, anyone? :-)
    • Aug 21 2012: Are you referring to their ridiculously overpriced house fans?

      Check out Saul Griffiths talk or just go to Makani power and see how they are doing wind differently.
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        Aug 22 2012: Thanks! I will check them out. And I was thinking ball vacuum cleaners.

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