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A lot of people on this planet are capable of prescribing medicines to themselves.

Imagine you wake up in the morning feeling tired and know that there is something wrong.
You check your temperature, blood pressure, sugar and chelestrol levels. You take a blood and urine sample and carry out tests with a kit that has been given to you after passing your Certified Personal Doctor (CPD) level 1 exam (which either your government, employee or you self-sponsored). You find out that there is a bacterial infection in your system and you reconfirm this by uploading your results online. Your doctor will eventually see this who may be in a different geographical location.
You go to online pharmacy and ask for medication which is checked against your previous record of self medication. If your history is fine, your medication is approved and you collect your medicine on your way to work. You might have serious infection in which case your doctor is pinged about your condition and results. You speak with your doctor and listen to him more carefully then before because you know the language.
If you are a responsible CPD then you might upgrade your level and get a higher prescription drugs. This is not a 1-5 year scenario, this is beyond 2020.
So what are the drivers and why would you want to have CPDs.
1. People are living longer and health costs are rising.
2. People are increasingly taking more control of their lives (Generation Y is more in control than X than baby boomers)
3. Globally middle class is on the rise. (McKinsey Nov .2011 report predicts that by the year 2030 there will 3 billion more middle class people)
Have different levels of certifications for CPDs and this is a win-win-win situation.
Win - Government wins (health costs can be reduced)
Win - Individuals win as they do not need to go anywhere for non serious illness and will stay more in control of their health.
Win - The doctors win as they will focus more on serious illnesses rather than seeing patients for minor illnesses.

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    Aug 21 2012: In Africa, there was a time when people lived in harmony with the environment and when there was helpful awareness of what one plant or herb can do to keep the body healthy and fight diseases.
    It is at the point of committing our health totally to medical practitioners that we miss it. Just as we are disadvantaged when we abandon our future to sweet-tongued politicians.
    Sometimes, it is our ignorance and the advantage it gives big businesses and institutions that makes us pay more.
    • Aug 21 2012: You could do that still, go to africa, eat herbs and plants all day, and live in harmony...

      In harmony with nature means to die young, of simple diseases and have a really hard life that repeats daily on a very primitive level. There is no harmony in nature, ask the animals out there. They would not run away from humans and other animals if there was such harmony as you imagine it. They run because nature means fight, all day again. And hurt.

      And we, at least the most of us do not commit our health to physicians, but only our diseases. We see doctors when we are ill, not when we feel in harmony! And why is it always Africa that "knows" all about harmony and medical aid? These people are feared of Albinoes (not a long time ago, but still!), but live in harmony? Well, sure not in harmony with nature...
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        Aug 21 2012: I'm talking about the place where I was born and have lived in.
        As for you, Lars Mews, you are probably talking with the inadequate knowledge you've got from the endless stream of negative information that you have been fed by the media.
        • Aug 26 2012: What i wrote is a general fact, not about Africa alone. Simply because there has always and anywhere "been a time". And all these stories of a former population living in harmony with their nature lack one thing, the answer why people left this track if it has been so wonderful back then.

          Also, the story tellers are united by one hole in the plot, that they do not go into detail about for example what they actually mean with "helpful awareness of what one plant or herb can do to keep the body healthy and fight diseases.". This alone means nothing.

          The modern pharmaceutic industry does know a lot more about plants and herbs than ancient cultures. Because that is basically what they originate from, they began with extracting and copying ingredients of plants and herbs, and they still do where necessary.

          And of course there was a time (and sadly in some places and heads still is), where they just knew what a plant does, but not how. That unfortunatley led to problems, as a plant or herb never has the same ammount of ingredients as the one before and after. That is why people more often died than survived, because "there was a time" where people could not see the wood for the trees...
  • Sep 20 2012: I believe that this is a wonderful idea.
    I appreciate you taking the time to post this!
  • Aug 21 2012: Feyisayo, I completely agree with what you are saying. The glass will always be half empty.