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The light that we get from the sun is not seven years old or however old it is supposed to be.

We are tethered from the by gravity the stretching combining with the energy created from the sun can turn into quarks and reach the earth much faster. Kind of like electricity on a metal wire. This tethering action with the sun as a base causes the sun to increase reactions. The fact that we are heated is because the tractor beam from the earth to the sun focus the energy.

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    Lejan .

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    Aug 21 2012: Years old? From what planet are you currently sharing your idea from? :o)
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    Aug 21 2012: Only gravity of much higher magnitude than those of our sun will cause a noticeable effect on 'light' and its travelling path.
    Also 'light' is considered to have no need for any sort of 'media', 'aether' or 'energy bands' to travel within. The heat transfer from sun to earth is provided by electromagnetic radiation as well and is mainly within the band of infrared radiation which is invisible to the human eye. It is no gravitational 'tractor beam', as gravity in between sun and earth is part of our orbital system, which keeps earth turning around sun one times within one year.
  • Aug 21 2012: I didnt really researcch how long it took it took for the light to travel, I was more concerned with the method that it gets here. Im saying that the gravitational pull from the sun to earth is like a rubber band made out of energy that is stretch out. It provides a direct link for the suns energy to be transferred. Other planets have this pull. We are currently in the path of Neptune which would cause a spike in solar flares and radiant heat.
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    Aug 21 2012: I'm not really sure what you are suggesting.
    Quarks are not light or gravitational force carriers.
    I heard a physicist say it takes about 8 minutes for light to reach us after it escapes the sun.
    However the fusion reactions that generate the light take place near the centre of the sun.
    The sun is so dense it takes a million years or so for the light to reach the surface of the sun.
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      Aug 21 2012: You sir are correct in principle, if not in quantity! Let's ask a NASA astrophysicist . . .
    • Aug 21 2012: Quarks are energy and Universal , why could they not be light at some point?
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        Aug 21 2012: Quarks are considered as matter. To become 'light' they have to transform according to Einstein's

        E = m * c * c

        If they would not transform and travel with near light speed from sun to earth, still having its mass, the impact energy would be just devastating for all life on our planet as we know it.

        Therefore light itself has no mass, it is 'just' pure energy, and will not hurt us on impact if the energy level stays within a certain range and frequency. By this a sun burn is a radiation effect only, and no form of mass impaction.
        • Sep 8 2012: 5.88 trillion or such miles in a year at 186,300 mi/sec within our little knowledge of all energy levels , of only what we see is a 'what' and still learning 'how', I could to the best of our knowledge, agree, and suppose I do.

          What I also mean is human understanding is still as limited as the "FACTS fo the rings of Saturn" I had to spew out in 1967 on science tests in the 5th grade. I mean it is still (recently read of the past decade) still open for conjecture, etc, even of ancient writings of the harmony of all (usually considered Creation, beyond theories) compared to recent "harmony in the universe" and "harmony in light" and "harmony in string/m energy as we perceive it" .
          my GrandFather of over 100 working patents and in who's who - America, Prof Emeritus.... said "Look for the DESIGN in everything." So polite and quiet you wouldn't know he was in the room at any conference, until he was speaking at ASME conventions.

          If by design there is a mass to energy, and light, and we just yet don't have the semantics for all languages and vanity, then we just shelve the concept , but in full view of the current theoretical observation(s) .
          I have reason to believe energy as we know it is still a rather larger particulate or existing thing of construction, of more constructs we have yet to discover. - Precisely like the light energy which accelerates the universe at a measured increasing velocity....
          By the way,
          what occurs when a rubber-band (or gravitational-existence) has any input energy causually related to an observed expansion?
          Among more others can input, 1) Acceleration from a lower velocity (or zero) to something at a POSITIVE velocity change .
          2) We can feel what
          when we "stretch the rubber-band" ? Heat Energy as a form of the work- ? Yes?

          q) is our planet, solar system , galaxy, all changing -heating-up too, like the rubber-band ?
          -writing of old:
          "...walks on the water and STRETCHES OUT THE HEAVENS"
          - present progression: Creation IS