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How do you remember someones name right when you meet them?

I personally have an easy time with facial recognition, but name recognition I usually struggle with.

Are you born with one or the other or are both acquirable skills?

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    Aug 21 2012: Most of the time, when we meet new people, our focus is on ourselves and the impression we are making; and if it is on the other person, it is our curious eyes that tries to read the other person. We hardly really listen.

    I also recognise faces easily than remember names. But I think its because I've not tried hard enough.
    Someone's name is too important; life and times, experiences, memories, all are attached to a name.
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      Aug 21 2012: Feyisayo,
      I Completely agree with you.
      If you wanna make an impression on the person whom we interacting with,we completely concentrate on the way we speak and behave.I dont the exact reason for doing so.
      Secondly,name does play an important role but at the same time its difficult to keep track of all the people names except of those whom you want to meet.
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      Aug 21 2012: I will attempt to open my mind up more and mentally allow a new person into my metaphysical world. =)
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    Aug 21 2012: That's a good question, ... ahmm, ahh ... , you have here. But I can't help you out on this one... :o)
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    Aug 21 2012: Derek,
    Even i do face the same problem as u do.But the solution rather would be to provide a nick name to the person whom you meet.The nick name can be based on his behaviour,looks,character.
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    Aug 21 2012: Make connections. Michael has a strange nose like Michael Jackson, Caroline is not from Carolina, because she's asian... and so forth.
    Works for me.
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      Aug 21 2012: I agree with Gerald it works.

      E.G. For Gerald I think of a hairless rat with big teeth that eat it's own feces Try and get that picture out of you head.
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      Aug 21 2012: When I do this, i am so distracted by it that i lose it all, the name, the nickname and the rest. I guess I need more practice.
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      Aug 21 2012: LOL! Because she's asian....I have tried not to give names attachments to physical appearances because people can become real upset, sometimes, once they find out.....=P
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    Aug 20 2012: Stange thing is that i do too but after my stroke, i really needed people's help and so I started to concentrate on people's names as a way to improve my memory and to get their attention and help. People like to be important to another person and knowing their name is the first step to conviincing them that they are important to you. So I became known as the person who knew everyone's name and story. IT has everything to do with your focus. You know you will remember the face, that is something you take for granted but you must focus to remember that name. That means you must be fully present and attending to remember. If you realize that this information is important to you and also to them, it might help with that retention. Good luck. It helped me a lot.