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Should you privatise Indian Railways??

Indian railways, one of the largest employer in the globe has been under Government stake over the last 65 years... there has not been any great improvement in the railways since then... Why cant the government privatise the Railway Industry so that it could lead to tremendous improvement of infrastructure in the country ??


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    Aug 21 2012: James,

    Why do you feel so? Could you point out some of the reasons ?
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      Aug 21 2012: Indian population is huge. The cost to privatize things on a mass scale is increasingly more difficult the more people are involved. However, if you only privatize for a select few who can afford that kind of luxury, then you're only increasing the wealth gap between rich and poor.

      If you publicize railways, then more work will be accomplished due to easy availability of that infrastructure to all people. It increases more opportunities to more people and increases the rate of development for India.

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