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Pro-LIfe or Pro-Choice what about Pro-Education

Recently a Politician (lol ummm on a seperate note i looked up Politic in the dictionary and found that poli is a greek word meaning many and tick which is a blood-sucking organism interesting to say the least) made comments that enraged quite a bit of people on the topic that women had some sort of mechanism or something IDk. Anyways my topic is how can we better educate people on responsible sexual practices on the results of sex. And here in the USA how can we better illustrate that what we do to rapist... Which is take them away from everything they love put them in a cell strip them of there freedoms and label them as a rapist for the rest of their life... Also can we start teaching young women self-defense classes from earlier on so that they at least have a vague knowledge of ways to defend themselves from rapists as well as responsible ways to have sex... I am neither pro-choice nor pro life... I am pro-education

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    Josh S

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    Aug 21 2012: I think rape and sex education are compeletely seperate issues. You cant tell a woman 'make sure to have your rapist put that condom on before he rapes you', thats not how it works. These are seperate issues, i got the feeling you were putting them together but if you werent, then my bad.

    Sex education, atleast in america, is fine right now. I'm finishing up high school now, and every year we get 2 and a half months just talking about sex ed. Every kid graduating from any high school in the US knows what sex is and understands it completely and understand pregnancy and understands how to prevent pregnancy, trust me. This isnt an ignorant statement, its the truth, listen from a first hand source. the question of should education regarding sex be changed shouldnt be the question being asked because its fine right now.

    Now the issue of rapists and women learning self defense. Men are physically naturally stronger then women, its just how it is, im not being sexist or whatever some women might say, its just how it is. If we were to teach women how to defend themselves, men would have to be taught as well simply because of equality and equal treatment and all that. So now we're stuck with the same problem we have now. the majority of rapists probably didnt learn how to fight and rape women, but their natural strength allows them to. So logically, their would be the same number of rapes because both men and women would have been taught how to fight, but the men are still stronger and nothing changed.

    Dont mean to step on anyone's toes with my response, and im really not looking for a heated argument, just throwing out what i think makes logical sense.
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      Aug 22 2012: Sex education, in most states, is fine... In some, they still teach "abstinence only", which means they spend two and a half months teaching you... well, nothing. So, the US, still has issues.

      As far as self defense I completely disagree with you. Women have a smaller body mass, and tend to have less physical strength than a man, but with rape... you only need to get away for a second, scream, or dial 911 on your phone... Just putting up a competent struggle can make all the difference. Little judo or bjj could go a long way in my humble opinion, even against a fair match.
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    Aug 21 2012: Just on unwanted pregnancy, suggest biffing out the ineffective religious and politically motivated focus on abstinence and teach about contraception.

    Abstinence prevents pregnancy if people don't have sex. t doesn't work when people have sex and they keep having sex even when you tell them they should just say no.
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    Aug 21 2012: I'm first of all Pro-Life; and then Pro-education.
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    Aug 27 2012: I am highly in favor of better sex education. I would also agree with self defense.

    I don't think that abortion is right, but I also don't think that ten thousand children dying every day from malnutrition and want of simple medicine is right either. How could adding to that number improve anything.

    Once you get to the abortion issue, a whole lot of things have already gone wrong; rape, sexual infidelity, irresponsible sex, etc. It is a moral issue that only the mother should be able to make.

    I know a mother that chose to keep her baby. Her boyfriend was a drug user. She is now a single mom with a child that will need medical attention for the rest of its life. The child is legally blind, deaf, and mentally challenged. He was just taken off his feeding tube - after four years. Multiply that by the number of aborted fetuses by drug users and see what it does to the tax burden! There is no black and white answer to this problem.
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    Aug 23 2012: The is one big issue with your suggestion.
    Most are raped by someone they know - meaning husband, family member, friend, friend of a friend.
    And in many cases it is not the only violent action - could be ongoing domestic violence or a threat to kill the victim or someone close to her.
    In all these cases self defence would be useless.

    The education should be on how to be strong and contact someone, if you feel threatened or exposed to violent behaviour. And for the men, that porn is not sex and have nothing to do with a relationship.

    Another extremely educational topic would be equality - so men don't think they are allowed to rape, or that women once they have said yes, have agreed to anything, anytime. Most of the comment I read from the US regarding the definition of rape/abortion caused by the rape and similar topics, lack that understanding.

    The education should be about that every person (capable of life outside the womb) has a right to decide over their own body. No one is allowed to mutilate or in other ways harm someone else body (or mind). And there are no exceptions.

    In most of northern Europe we don't use the terms "pro-life" or "pro-choice". It does not make any sense to use them - an abortion is only legal when the embryo is so small, that it is missing the ability to be alive. It would not live outside the womb, even with help, and it therefore not a person. It is a medical definition based on the possibility to live.
    Not being "pro-choice" would legally mean, that someone else can decide over your body, i.e. organ donation. It would not be legal to be against-choice, as all individuals have a right to their own body.
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    Aug 22 2012: I'm pro women learning MMA... In general, most states teach responsible sex education, it's only the "abstinence only" states, that have serious issues with teen pregnancy. Rapists get raped in prison... The world works out horribly for people who do horrible things... Doesn't bother me.
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    Aug 20 2012: So here's my idea about this Zhang what if we could start a program where we give students the most valid data on this subject and let each school have a student led sexual education course these are the people that that they would actually listen too and also who would be the best advocate against rape... Obviously a rape victim soo allow them to speak on the subject as well as a reformed rapist let both sides talk to these kids ask them what they think safe sex practices also show them what happens when things go right with safe sex practices soo show them a responsible couple who has kids and waited until they were emotionally and financially able to have a child
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      Aug 20 2012: Hmm, that's an interesting idea... Getting a student to educate another student would be interesting because the student knows the language of other students better than most adults. Friends usually listen to friends more than they do with their parents or grown-ups after all lol.

      A rape victim or a reformed rapist sounds kinda extreme, but it's an idea and it could get the point across in a pretty crude way...

      But I think the most important thing is that this program should not be branded as a gimmick or branded as "education". When kids think of "education" they think of the public school environment and teachers telling them what to do and whatnot. So if you use that kind of brand, the kids could immediately turn off to it. First impressions are almost everything. So the approach of this program should be to brand this thing as more of a fun activity thing or just whatever things they prefer to do...

      Ok I got it, what about offering some music artists rapping about the negative effects of rape and stuff, or early teen pregnancy? There's a Tupac song called Brenda's got a Baby:

      I've also watched some Spike Lee movies too. His movies have usually been about the lower class black population, like the movie He Got Game. He likes to "keep things real" in his movies and it does have that huge emotional impact.

      Well I don't know if the younger generation likes these things or could relate to them, but it's just ideas I'm throwing out there.
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      Josh S

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      Aug 21 2012: Jeremy, im with you on showing student's responsible people who waited till they were financially and emotionally ready for a baby but i fall off with the other ideas.

      First off, i think our sex ed is perfectly fine now, atleast in the US, so we dont need to change it. Your logic in using a peer to teach it makes sense, until you look into it further. Who would you trust more teaching you, lets say, quantom physics? your friend, or someone who has a phd on the subject? Id trust the doctor more, and thats why we have professionals teaching kids in all subjects of schools, not peers.

      Also, i dont think bringing anyone in or even talking about rape would be beneficial. An advocate against rape? ive never heard of an advocate FOR rape so im pretty sure everyone is already an advocate against rape. Every adult, teen, and person able to understand the concept of sex understands its bad so i dont think we need to teach that its bad.
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        Aug 22 2012: A PHD may have the best knowledge on the subject but that doesn't mean they're great teachers. A lot of the experts on the fields tend to have inflexible communication skills because they expect their students to understand everything he says, and they tend to think pretty in one narrow way.

        Whether this is a good thing for students or not is up for debate though...

        But you're right, it's generally a standard that rape is really bad. Even a ton of criminals think rapists are even lower than the low.
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          Josh S

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          Aug 22 2012: That's true, a lot of doctors and experts have inflexible communication skills, no argument there.
          I may have misworded my original response a bit wrong, i meant teachers who specialize in sex ed. Teachers go to school for the specific purpose to learn how to communicate well with students and for the most part, they do communicate well. I was thinking about a high school classroom setting, where teachers teach, not a college setting with professors (which would be like the experts with poor communication skills you refered to).

          Maybe a school could have a study done, with students teaching other students though. i know in my school, there are options to peer teach, and a specific program where older students talk to younger students about life issues which is in a way like what you proposed. It's definitely a good thought, and i think we already see some places where it is implemented.
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          Aug 29 2012: Also on the note about rape.,.. If a young kid walked into a classroom about eighteen dressed in a orange jumpsuit handcuffed with a officer holding a gun on him and said i committed rape this is my story this is what happens to you... would it sink in??? The mind remembers things it has never seen before easier and quicker than a classroom setting the students have seen a teacher about a thousand times before they have seen books they have seen pamplets.... but they havent seen someone there age in a orange jumpsuit and saying they commited rape and it ruined my life... we could even go as far... for the conservatives.. and do this through tele-communications a real time feed from prison to the classroom in HD were the students could ask questions and the inmate could tell them answers... find a good candidate for each school and BOOM! the idea of rape becomes a guy in a orange jumpsuit telling you his life is over.... Am i saying that this is a solution for rape no but it sure is a start... we need to have the world to teach our kids and the teachers to be guides... and this system could be used for about a billion other topics... were selling education to these kids but there isnt any principles of a sales agreement... reciprocity and obligation (Law of Contract - you do something good for me ill do something good for you) is the number one sells technique and its not being used consistence is the second being used to a extent but teachers are overwhelmed and therefore consistence in learning and teaching techniques is not being used... Soo that leaves us with the next two Authority....and... Same Peers... We need to give students the experts of a given field of study from all sides and Same peers we have to show them also that other students love learning.... there is alot that needs to change in the world and its our youth that will end up doing it because we as a society resist change and resist the unknown...
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        Aug 22 2012: I think peer teaching should be encouraged. I mean it would be incredibly efficient for a teacher to teach, but then break the students into groups and let the kids who understand the subject also help teach their group.

        The concept I like is, I'd rather have a friend try to teach me something than a teacher who I don't really know that well, teach me, because the friend can explain things in the way I would understand much more easily than the teacher. I think this would be a great way to teach too because the friend's primarily not trying to show off their superiority or make the student feel inferior or anything, they're just trying to help a friend out.
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        Aug 29 2012: how bout a friend who has a phd in physics what i was getting at is it has to be more relatable. LOL I strongly believe their are responsiible young adults who if given the right knowledge by teachers and closely monitored by teachers before and after that class would be the perfect candidate to teach sex education... we need to build a more sexually responsible youth and teachers throwing numbers and figures even in the most positive ways is not the answer.. Students need to tell students... why?? because students listen to students... get it???
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    Aug 20 2012: In order for any communication to happen, you need to speak the language that they speak.

    Here's an illustration of my point:

    The guy in the video is able to speak the language of many "ghetto" guys, and he has communicated his point incredibly effectively and even made me feel like Five Guys had the greatest fries and burgers ever. And honestly, if that guy were to be on a Five Guys commercial, I would DEFINITELY go to Five Guys lol, talk about incredibly good marketing advertisement.

    Here's another illustration of my point: