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What are the top 5 problems couples face with long distant relationships? I would like to provide solutions to help.

I am researching the problems of being in long distant relationships. I am interested in the challenged that are faced, the head space that form patterns at what stage of their time apart. Is there patterns in the first week, the week before, the second, third, forth week ect....
I would love to have some understanding and be able to contribute in helping the people of these relationships by providing a chat room, news letters, MP3 downloads and online help.
Thank you Kindly,
Susanne x


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    Aug 22 2012: Times have changed, but I have seen many a long distance relationships work perfectly well. Those who go out in search of livelihood to distant lands- immigrants males maintain a very healthy long distance relationship. The dream of a good future for their spouse and children keep them motivated. Migrant workers return home after 2 years and have succeeded in raising a a very happy and contented families.
    Now to come to your question. The top 5 problems that couple face with long distant relationship.
    1. Not accepting the situation that one has voluntary entered into. If a situation develops to live apart after living together, one can empathize, but here also if both the partners accept what is, the problem will be eased a bit.
    2. Affluence. Contradictory but true. With affluence and materialistic mind set not 5 but a hundred problems arise.
    3. Doubting nature - lack of faith.
    4. 21st century gadgetry. With profusion of internet and 24x7 connectivity both partners tend to rant and take out their frustrations - the space gets restricted and flash points are more frequent. In the good old days when one depended on monthly mails these problems were not there. Each found ways to take control of their individual life, and in many 3rd world countries, strong family ties and other community factors provided the much needed balm in times of difficulty.
    5.Lack of preparedness if both the partners know that they are entering into a long distance relationship.
    I personally saw my first born after 7 months. Now days young fathers get all hyper if they are unable to be at the bedside when their wives are going under labor.
    After one or two days they go off and than starts the fun of continues distant monitoring - nothing can be done, but frustration and anxiety pile up. I keep myself amused with such frequent real life situations now days.

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