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Does anyone have any ideas about teaching sex education to children with Autism and other like disabilities at home and in the classroom?

How and when do we teach sex education, personal safety to children who have autism and other mental disabilities who are before or at the age of puberty and who may displaying inappropriate behaviors in a public and/or a school setting etc. Does anyone know of any curriculum for schools, training for teachers or resources/programs for parents such as myself to help teach our autistic children personal responsibility, safety and respect for themselves and others? If not does anyone have any ideas? The only idea I have is to ask the question. What can we do to keep these children such as my 12 year old son from becoming labeled as offenders by an intolerant and uninformed society and court system ? Where do we start?

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    Aug 20 2012: I once knew a man with Asbergers and his early strict indoctrination in a boarding school that did not in any way recognize this condition added to his normal reticence so that he became a superbly sensitive and respectful human being who even though he had a very delayed onset to his sex life, became fully alive and happy in his choices usually delighting his mate.

    Others seem to be very precocious and as bizarre as it seems in this 'let it all hang out world' I think that their ultimate happiness comes from learning self restraint. Rote rules like 'No means NO' help.
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    Aug 20 2012: Not one clue... lol, sorry that's a really tough question.

    But maybe you should see if there have been other people who have successfully taught autistic students sex education and learn from what they did well and what they didn't do well.