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how far are social networking sites usefull ?

i wanna know the supporters

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    Aug 20 2012: Yes...very true DS :)

    But, as we all know.. good things are rare these days and very tough to show up in this different world... Well, TED is exceptional !!! cheers !! ;)
  • Aug 22 2012: social networking sites are very useful if they are used well.It helps people of differnt culture ,altitude,religion,colour meet and discuss the matter raised.Also it increases bussiness opportunities as through them people get information
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    Aug 21 2012: Social networks are good meeting places. In most relationships, it starts with a meeting; then it goes on by maintaining communication.
    The question then is: Are the users good?
    If the human is not good, no system, however noble and novel, would work.

    People could meet and decide to speak against injustice or to discuss ideas that could birth needed societal change.

    And some people could meet to promote hate and violence.

    The platform is good. Its good and beneficial use depends on the people.
  • Aug 20 2012: Very useful. You learn about folks from around the globe, which may include photos, and friendships blossom. It gives folks a chance to understand how other people think & do things.
    In other words: It brings people together.
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    Aug 21 2012: Social Networking does provide benefits when it comes to networking,socializing,advertising.
    It may also deplete its value when it comes to privacy.
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      Aug 21 2012: There are things that need to be kept private, of course, but over-privacy on certain things can be more harmful than beneficial
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    Aug 20 2012: I can put a ding in the universe with Facebook, Youtube or twitter... I can also spoil a girls or boys image in few seconds... ;) ...Well, SNSs are perfectly working double edged swords...

    Now how do you get people use only the positive side of SNS?? Tough question...

    It could be just those rules which would make people think twice before they do something fancy in their SNSs...Put huge fine / penalties for such actions...It is of no use preaching whether its a small kid or 70 + aged man... Its a mad mad world... Only way out is to scare them and prevent them from even thinking of misusing these sites... ;)

    Any more views over this?? Most welcome :)
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      Aug 20 2012: HI Arjun Soman, I think that social networking sites like TED are most effective when the social ethic among the members themselves keep it on a level keel. No law or penallity is as effective as social pressure for positive goals.
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        Aug 20 2012: I'm out of likes, Debra...

        The overall ethics of each individual is crucial. If everyone here were immature kids who call people names, then this place would pretty much be completely littered with spammers and trolls lol. So it's the community itself that makes the ethics work. So how do we establish such an ethically good community? I believe that the community needs to start out with a few really ethical people, and it'll snowball from there.

        Pinterest has an 80% female population. And mostly 18-24. It started out with like 30 women who were into stuff like fashion, food, design, etc.

        Google Plus started out as a bunch of tech-savvy people. Look how it turned out.

        Reddit has an 80% male population, and also almost 18-24 age group as well. You can see the "male" traits on the site.

        Establishing the kind of community in the very beginning will define its brand.
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          Aug 20 2012: This sort of information is key to keeping us all on track. Not all of us know how to find it or what to do with it so it is a great service when you bring it in. It is not for everyone but it is crucuial for some and I personally appreciate it and you so much.
          I of course am an anomaly in the data, but I am used to that.
          It takes a bit of courage to speak up but realizing what we are striving for makes us willing to defend the good things we have. I hope.

          I have to be more self disciplined because I get ticked sometimes and respond in kind and that never helps (except in ego redemption and then it feels great!)
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        Aug 21 2012: Thanks, Debra! :D
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    Aug 20 2012: Benefits outweigh costs tremendously.

    It's the globalized form of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. And it's a globalized telephone system pretty much.