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Draw a self portrait!!

I like art. Im sure that I am not the only one. Art in any form whether it's music,theatre,film, painting etc has a way of bringing people together or dividing people but it pretty much always causes a discussion. How about everyone draw a self portrait (you dont have to be the best artist in the world) and put it as your profile picture on whatever social media you use and see where it leads us. Everyone can channel their inner creativity!

Medium: paint, pencil, digital drawing, dont take a picture of yourself, that would be too easy :)


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    Aug 20 2012: I know I am bending the rules here but here is my self portrait. It illustrates more about me than my exterior picture does. It is a song by a long dead singer, Harry Chapin.

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      Aug 20 2012: thats cool too
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      Aug 20 2012: I see you went for the metaphorical approach, Debra ;)
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        Aug 20 2012: Sometimes the best way to get closest to the truth.

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