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A Single World Currency and a World Central Bank - For or Against?

The debate is in the headline. Any opinions?


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  • Aug 23 2012: Banks are in existence to make money for bankers. Banks are and always have been a fraud to the people. Money, like oil, is the problem not the solution.
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      Aug 23 2012: 3 claims, 3 of them wrong. in a way, it is perfect.

      banks exists because people demand their services. if people did not demand their services, banks could be as greedy as they want, they could not make a single dime. if they give people what they demand, it does not matter if they are greedy or not. just like with any other business.

      banks are not fraud, they have many legitimate services. one can say that fractional reserve is fraud, but it was not always allowed for them.

      oil is not a problem, but a very useful commodity, just as money.
      • Aug 23 2012: People demand their service because there are little other ways of survival with out money. Its a cycle that can't be broken by 1 or even 1,000,000. And I would agree it is their business to manage their money the way they seem fit after all they are the professionals, but where there is a lot of money, there is a lot of power too. Weather it be Political influence or means of investing to make more money. Because we all know if you have money (a lot of money) and you gamble in the stock market and fail, you just get a bail out. (obviously not true for all companies but certainly true for some).

        I also agree banks aren't a fraud.

        And oil inst a major problem but basing an economy on a fossil fuel is a problem because of the simple fact that some time in the future it will run out. And according to a quick google search it sounds like we have already passed peak oil.
      • Aug 23 2012: Which government controls the World Bank Group?
      • Aug 24 2012: Ya, I was really talking about central banks such as in the topic. I'm not going to go into a ton of detials because it is easily researched but tell me how this thinking is wrong. In the US the Federal Reserve prints money for Congress and charges them interest for this "service". We can never repay this money because they only print the principle, not the interest. This turns money into debt and is a drag on the economy.

        I stand by my comment about banks being made to fraud people, heck the only people Jesus ever got made at where bankers.
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          Aug 24 2012: yet again, a "student" of the zeitgeist movie.

          i can't possibly know what you have in mind. i can only react to what you are saying. you said banks, not central banks. central banks are called banks, but they are totally different kind of institutions.

          interest has nothing to do with money creation, and in fact not a problem at all. it does not matter if the central bank charges interest, because 1, you don't have to borrow from the central bank and 2, its revenues are going to the central budget, they don't keep it.

          banks do nothing fraudulent these days. governments do, but it is a weird situation as they do it by the ignorant authorization of the people.

          v.p./zeitgeist is stupid. avoid a all cost. if you want to learn how banking works, read murray rothabard's mystery of banking. available for free in pdf format.

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