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A Single World Currency and a World Central Bank - For or Against?

The debate is in the headline. Any opinions?


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  • Aug 21 2012: I think establishing such a currency would be really a difficult if it's not an impossible process , many questions would arise.
    1- would it be possible to convince the First World and Second World countries to distribute a part of their economy power to the Third World countries ? ( the Arabian Peninsula countries (about 7) are having plans to unify their currency since years , and they didn't apply it yet.
    2-Is it possible to ensure that the currency would have the same power overall the world (i.e. unified prices?)
    3-Is it possible to protect it against counterfeiting over this large space ?
    Those questions are from me as a simple person , not from the economical domain , which of course would have many many comments about this , so i think establishing such an idea is very difficult.

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