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How can young America make a difference?

With the role of children and teenagers set up into a consistent apprenticeship of watching and learning from the adults around them it's a lot harder to make a difference and for their ideas and voices to be heard. Personally, as a member of younger America, I have missed out on many wonderful opportunities due to the fact that I am 14. I must wait to mature before I can contribute ideas alongside adults and be taken completely seriously. I believe maturity does not come with age but with mind. I just wonder if there is a proper way for a "child" to pursue their dreams early without the, say, plus 20 years of experience, work, and university. Just a thought! Thank you so much for your time!


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  • Aug 20 2012: Emily, Are you really asking for a shortcut? Do you advocate eliminating experience to gain wisdom?

    You can make a difference! What is it you would like to do? How much time do you need to figure out what interests you most or-----what project in the world needs your skills?

    Life without mentoring? Life without experienced advice from those born before you? Is this what you want to establish for yourself? What effect would this have on other people?

    Are we in the need for younger persons who likely will make more mistakes due to lack of experience to take charge of management and make major decisions?

    Not sure what you really advocate here!

    You've received superb responses here. Are these people 14 years old?

    Clarification please!
    Kindness intended.
    • Aug 22 2012: Thank you Mark! I am very grateful to be raised in a world where the adults around me are so supportive and willing to mentor. I completely understand what you are saying, and I think children SHOULD look up to adults, and learn from their mistakes and victories. The point I was trying to get across, however, was that young Americans have a hard time even contributing ideas! As I stated before, "I am speaking on a more general scale of contributing to their society. Sometimes even the most ignorant people can contribute the most, and ideas worth spreading don't necessarily have to be filled with fact and experience!". Children, and young people do not necessarily have to run mega corporations, but their contributions could be something out of reach to adults.

      Thank you again Mark!

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