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How can young America make a difference?

With the role of children and teenagers set up into a consistent apprenticeship of watching and learning from the adults around them it's a lot harder to make a difference and for their ideas and voices to be heard. Personally, as a member of younger America, I have missed out on many wonderful opportunities due to the fact that I am 14. I must wait to mature before I can contribute ideas alongside adults and be taken completely seriously. I believe maturity does not come with age but with mind. I just wonder if there is a proper way for a "child" to pursue their dreams early without the, say, plus 20 years of experience, work, and university. Just a thought! Thank you so much for your time!


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  • Aug 19 2012: Young America can make a difference by freeing themselves of the ancestral brainwashing that has caused the historical repetition of human atrocities that have destroyed human life and limited the creativity, freedom, health and happiness of humankind. Think for yourself. Believe what you believe. Express the truth as you know it to yourself and others. Be who you really are. If you have been improperly programmed, re-program yourself to live according to your own highest awareness of what is right, good, positive. You will succeed in accomplishing your positive goals. Right on!
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      Gail . 50+

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      Aug 19 2012: I second that!!! Well said.
    • Aug 19 2012: This is great! With so many restraints set by society, and ideals on how children must lead the lower portion of their lives, it's hard to see past it all and get going! I think you got it all down! Thanks again!
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        Aug 19 2012: Emily, That was the rant of Peter Pan with a new slant from Rhona. There are reason that people under 21 are limited in powers and freedoms. Your words are .... without age, experience, work, and university .... Lets play what if. You are a banker a 14 year old enters a bank and wants to start a business he lack the four things mentioned above what are the chance of success and the return of your money he is asking to barrow. OR you own a for profit business would you hire a 14 year old to work independently in a position to directly impact production, marketing, or sales of your product. Probally not.

        Rhona says what you want to hear and maybe not what you need to hear. She believes you are brainwashed and programed. Her statement in many countries would have her in jail or shot. But yet she enjoys the freedom of speech in the USA. You have the freedom to accept or reject her argument without punishment. There are clubs available for you to venture into the bisiness world .. to develop, market, and vend a product. Your generation hold up Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc as heros that did not do college, etc .... Apply for a job with their company and find out what they require for employment ... age, experience, work, and education are major factors.

        We all experienced the same frusterations. Been there .. done that.

        My advice to you is to make the most of what is available to you at each stage of life. Listen, learn, grow. America still offers more opportunities than most countries. Do not let your anger stand in the way of your future. Adjust, adapt, and overcome.

        All the best. Bob.
        • Aug 19 2012: Thank you Robert! I really liked this response, and especially the last section. I do truly appreciate the freedoms I have in the States, for making an impact would be a lot harder elsewhere, even as an adult! I do not believe my brain has reached its peak, and I will thrive and grow as the years go on, learning from the adults and the experienced around me.

          I think I will wait, and prepare for the window of opportunity that will open after University to tackle big projects and ideas. As for the original mission, I was speaking on a more general scale. The fact that an ignorant child's ideas will be questioned rather than accepted as apposed to an ignorant adult's. Children have many hidden thoughts inside that many adults would never realize. Sometimes their innocence and ignorance can help a community with innovations that someone with all of the factual knowldedge in the world would never be able to see from behind all the "knowledge clutter"

          Thank you again Bob! I think your point was very truthful and straightforward, and I can totally appreciate that. The world needs more people like that. :-)
        • Aug 20 2012: This expression of mine was not meant to be limited to the USA. It would work throughout our planet. I wonder if what I said represents the way you live, Robert.

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