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Friendly Free-For-All Question: If You Were Stranded on a Deserted Island....

Here's an ancient query; if you were stranded on a deserted island....
Which great thinker would you want to accompany you and why?
I'll go first.
Hands down, I'd take Nikola Tesla (during his prime, of course.) It was a three-way tie with Einstein and Samuel Clemens, but being a female, I find Tesla far more pleasant on the eyes(insert giggle here.) I find his skills in engineering to be quite useful in a situation like this. Also, the fact that he was a friend of Clemens' helps a lot. How cool would it have been to hear their conversations!
Okay, it's your turn.

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    Aug 19 2012: Richard Feynman, for his infinite curiosity and for his most entertaining personnality.
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      Aug 19 2012: Great choice! Bravo! Thanks for your input. This is a really great way to introduce people to those who inspire us. I only knew a little about this man- unfortunately, but now I'm interested in reading further and I plan to.
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      Aug 19 2012: I could not reply above but I want to lovingly tell you that you are an adorable smart alek!
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    Aug 20 2012: For pure thought, short term, Tesla... But, for the long haul, for obvious reasons, maybe... Mila Kunis, Amy Schumer, Rachel Maddow, the whole funny, sexy, sharp witted combo. Maybe Ronda Rousey, to fight off predators and teach me Judo, she seemed chill on JRE.

    Men really need a sexy female Tesla to teach their sons about. To be fair though, me on a deserted island, is pretty much me in heaven. Forget building a signal fire, I'm building a hut, and a fishing pole : p
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      Aug 20 2012: I must agree with you on your comment about a sexy female "Tesla." I believe there would be plenty of them if we'd been strong enough physically to fight for and defend rights. It took a terribly long time for women to reach this level of equality. Unfortunately, for most women it's like a deeply embedded trait to play the role of the weaker sex both physically and mentally. Women are constantly seeking approval, but in a more sexual manner. It's like the difference between male and female cats. When a female is in heat, it flaunts and can pretty much think of nothing else. The males are constantly on the prowl, as well. We need to change somehow in order to evolve beyond this.
  • Aug 20 2012: I'll bite(insert fishy), as a thinker myself, I think I'd like to bring a doer. This would allow the best chance for the both of us to survive and see civilization again.

    Since the rules don't allow that and excluding all other relations other than intellectual, I pick Carl Sagan, I think we would have gotten along well. I have a feeling that if we don't destroy ourselves first, we will soon be exploring the outer solar system and more. Mostly through proxy of artificial intelligence, which will control very capable rovers, perhaps even androids. I wonder what he would say about the direction space travel is now headed.
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    Aug 19 2012: i would accompany a woman thinker of my age or somewhat younger.

    but if we exclude other than intellectual POVs, i take murray rothbard, because he is my intellectual hero, plus he has so many things to tell it fills a lifetime.
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      Aug 19 2012: I'm happy that you chose Murray Rothbard for his point of view. I mentioned my interest in investing in SpaceX in my conversation about space travel and mining. Someone had assumed at first that I was part of the corporate greed based on my interest in the stock market. I felt that in my defense, I had to make it known that most investors pretty much place bids on different aspects of human nature that appear to be trending. By showing interest in SpaceX, I'm simply saying that my hopes for the future of science are positive even though the near-future appears bleak and scary from an economic aspect. Thanks for adding another good suggestion to the conversation.
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    Aug 19 2012: As a well rounded kind of gal, this is a terribly difficult choice for me. Did you say how long and if I can have multiple stays?
    Tessla is a great choice, I also love the idea of Ghandi but I think I want George Bernard Shaw. (I might have to return to adapt my answer, though)

    Addition: or Rudyard Kipling.
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      Aug 19 2012: Your final choice was pretty interesting. I have to say; I feel outnumbered here. I'm a far cry from being a pacifist. I used to be, until I got tired of always being a victim. We all have our reasons for seeing these things differently, though. Thanks for sharing and please contribute more here any time!
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        Aug 19 2012: We just love thinkers of all stripes! Glad you are here!
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        Aug 19 2012: I have a serious crush on Abraham Lincoln but his wife was the jealous type so that would not work at all.

        If the person has to be alive and you are unable to reconstitute them into their fomer glory I cannot have GB Shaw either so I wll pick Stephen Pinker (with permission from his significant other)
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        Aug 19 2012: oH, if Pinker is not available, and given the recent debalce and disrespect he received here, I think world expert Robert Hare needs a vacation and I would be willing to make his stay more comfortable. Just make sure it is a nice tropical place as we are both used to Canadian winters.
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          Aug 19 2012: Debra, what disrespect has Pinker suffered?
  • Aug 19 2012: Hey Nicole

    Modern and/or ancient thinkers?

    for the Modern thinkers I will go to two extreme people:

    Mahatma K Gandhi - to learn his way of negotiation and achievement (learn how he walked and talked)
    Adolf Hitler - to learn his way of communication (how he united almost a whole nation)

    for the ancient thinkers I will go for

    Buddha - to learn his way of enlightenment and simplicity (his way is looking inside our soul)
    Sun Tzu - to learn his way of fighting and making peace (he is a warrior and philosopher)

    as these people are no longer alive I can't be with them .

    Surely enough it will be Nelson Mandela.
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      Aug 19 2012: I honestly don't think you'd want to be trapped on an island with an insane racist who has syphilis. Interesting choices, nonetheless. Mandela and Gandhi were good ones. We could learn a lot from those men on humanity. Thank you very much for participating here. By the way- I wasn't trying to be rude or judgmental about your choice of Hitler; it was meant to be funny. As I said in my original statement above; I want this to be friendly. I've noticed that we all tend to enjoy a good debate on this site, but sometimes it's nice just to offer an opportunity like this, to help us get to know one another better without arguing.
      • Aug 19 2012: I I don't think if I were stranded on a deserted Island or be trapped on an island with an insane racist who has syphilis, would be any harmful or an insane racist. why?

        1 we would be alone and he wouldn't have any race to be racist
        2 he won't have any one to support his ideas
        3 there would be no one but me who would listen to his ideas

        I do agree you just said all about him. I hope I won't disappoint you if I say you are not the only one who thinks that way about him. you know why? because our historical leaders and teachers told us only that part to us (it is to say only what we wanted to know)

        but did someone dares to tell us that he had power to influence people and their decisions? I don't think any one told us how artfully he used the mastery of communication.

        If today we think what he did was wrong, then let's unite (like he united a whole nation) and do the opposite? WHY DON'T WE? because there is no one as charismatic as he was, because there is no one who has a strong belief of a good cause.
        If a nation unite and each person plant a tree instead of driving 4x4s would that be insanity?

        I agree what he did was unaccepted and unexpected. same things happen after him, yet we didn't learn lessons not from him and not from Gandhi or MLK.
  • Aug 19 2012: I really like this question! It involves a lot more thinking than you would suspect. Well, personally, I would choose my grandfather who is a physicst and I believe to be a very great thinker indeed. Not exactly a celebrity persay, but we would connect on a more personal level therefore becoming better collaborators.

    Oh and Tesla you say! Just wondering if you've heard of the museum Matthew Inman is trying to fund. It's preeeetttyyyy terrific.
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      Aug 19 2012: Thank you so much for the link. I'll look into donating and spread the word as well. As for your choice; it's an admirable and understandable one. Sounds like you're fortunate to have a physicist as a grandfather. Very cool.
  • Aug 19 2012: Let's build a Goddamn Tesla Museum!