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Georg Cantor was wrong about infinity. Greatest Mistake in History True Infinity explained

Infinity - boundless endless = ∞
Mathematics/universe - bound end = ()

Cantor said ( ∞ )
Greatest Oxymoron in existence

Cantor did find something, however it is not Actual infinity.

What he found:
The infinite possibilities within the core of our numerical system, the Number 1.

ALL types of numerical expressions, be it fractions, decimal points, percentages, whole numbers etc are different ways of expressing this one number. Hence, 
What Cantor perceived to have found = ( ∞ ), an infinite restricted by time and space
What Cantor actually found = ( 1 ). 

Now to what I found about the number 1 in finite. (1)
There are many ways to express mathematics, but what is the core?
x, ÷ , √ , Etc are grouped and fancy symbols explaining the only two symbols. + and  -.
Every mathematical expression can be explain by these two symbols. Remembering maths is finite, this numeric 1 is comprised of or subject to 

( + | - )
This is Theory of Everything.


Quantum Mechanics states for nothing to create something, laws must be in place for nothing to produce something.

How do you explain this. Easy....

+ ( + | - )
This is the link between Quantum Mechanics and Gravitational Physics.

Even a law however is not nothing, but something. It is an action and must proceed an entity.

1 + ( + | - )

What is 1 added onto finite or 1 added onto Mathematics as the equation shows.

It is ∞.
1 + ( + | - ) = ∞
The Actual True infinity

This means
If we add 1 onto finite addition itself, we have infinite positive and respectively 1 added onto subtraction itself, infinite negative
1 + (+) = + ∞ 
1 + (-) = - ∞ 

Religiously what does this mean?

God (1) created (+) everything ((+|-)) and after judgement day (=), depending on our free will choices, we could end up in either heaven ( + ∞) or hell ( - ∞ ).

Please watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpVHJJMxZa8 to understand the theological aspect of equation.


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  • Aug 20 2012: Ok Linda, I really don't have the patience to argue he said she said, if you believe I said God is restricted I apologize, if your referring to my examples of religious beliefs and have confused it I again apologize, I really can't be bothered arguing.
    If you wouldC like you can quote me the 3 times I said God was within finite, if it makes you feel happy.

    In regards to your infinite universe, your entitled to your opinion and I applaud you for your decision. 
    I also believe there was something before the big bang, the question then arises what was before that.
    You see what your stating is still within finite, it still agrees to our law of mathematics. Using the process of elimination we get to a point where we are left with one initial creation, maybe it was an energy form or a speck of dust, maybe just the higgs by itself but yet again, whatever you believe was before the big bang unless just the governing laws and a creator of the laws, a positive and a negative is required for that entity to exist, hence it is still finite.

    quote: "Everything from one single giant mass to some amorphous gaseous glob to the dimensional evolution of the universe."..... All of the examples you gave are calculable, measurable and still restricted by time and space. What was before these?

    What I mean is you said ,"the space it occupies will continue to exist. Even if the matter does not". What your referring to is a perfect ideology, please don't misunderstand me, however it is still restricted. 
    Just to justify my reasoning
    Say I die now, your correct my energy remains but I cease to exist in a matter form, how did my energy come to be BEFORE I was born? It means that energy was something else's energy to begin with, and so on and so on,
    I'm restricted by requiring earthly bound materials to exist and the earth is older than me, so my initial creation of matter for me to be a physical being must be a part of the earth, what existed before the earth?

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