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Should we have elected a president that never even ran a lemonaid stand to operate the largest corporation in the world... USA

Could we expect this president to turn around our economy in the future?


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    Aug 20 2012: You could have left the other guys in but they created the mess that Obama is failing to fix. It's not who the Pres is that you need to look at its how he gets there that's your problem. BTW the CEO of a company doesn't need to know anything about economics if he knows some one who does. Success is about having the right people working for you and coordinating a team. I don't think Bill Gates really knows much about economics but microsoft went OK.
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      Aug 20 2012: Macro-economics of a country or a corporation is a direct refection of that organization's health... The more money the better it is doing the less it has the worse it is doing... Bill Gates has to know where his resources are going that is a fact he may have made alot of money but a fool and his money are soon parted. One of the prerequisite courses at harvard is economics he also studied economics at Lakeside Prep.. Bill Gates is also on the board of director's for Berkshire Hathaway with long time friend Warren Buffett. Warren Buffect is also a very smart man which i really dont think he would let Bill Gates be in that position with no working knowledge of economics. Also Bill Gates was at the World Economics Forum in 2007, The difference though is that Bill Gates has a working knowledge of Economics he see's it everyday at his business not a theoretical one like Obama.

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