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Should we have elected a president that never even ran a lemonaid stand to operate the largest corporation in the world... USA

Could we expect this president to turn around our economy in the future?

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    Aug 19 2012: A leader can not know everything and anything that needs to be known well enough; a leader needs to be able to channel the strength of the people around him to the area of their expertise; all for nation building.
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    Aug 20 2012: That is up to the US voters.

    From the outside I would suggest the GFC happened when Republican Bush was in power.

    Letting the free market and corporate experts and advocates invent all sorts of rubbish derivatives based on lending to people who could not afford a home and assuming house prices would never correct, having too little regulation seems to have been a big part of the problem.

    Also I note Congress has held up a lot of the policies that might have helped the economy.

    From the outside corporate greed, corporations as people, politicians making laws that favour their corporate buddies and then going to work for them seems to be a worse issue than Obama's lack of commercial experience.

    Obama seems a pretty smart guy. You are never an expert on anything. good advisor make a difference.

    I guess Bush got advice to invade Iraq. That didn't help the US economy. Too much lost blood and gold for ideology and lies.

    I guess you can't blame the current President for the ongoing mess in Europe dragging the whole world down.

    What is the alternative proposing to do different that might make a difference, other than waving his corporate experience around?

    In Australia I think the problem is too many Lawyers and Professional Politicians in Parliament. But I wouldn't want to give up working in the private sector, give up my income, for all the rubbish Politicians seem to thrive on.
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    Aug 19 2012: I was reading through some news and found this and was amazed at how much money has gone into this election for the American Presidency which some say is the most expensive election to date,if this is to be believed then are the American little guys,the average Joe's and Jane's are being led to the polling booths rather than actually choosing of their own free will based upon their own informed unbiased judgement?

    I'm not saying Americans are sheeple or are easily led but in this case are they getting the full Monty for their dollar or is it about the groups that move behind the scene.
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      Aug 19 2012: Yeah no kidding, we could have used that money for much better causes...
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      Aug 20 2012: Why aren't you saying we're sheeple who are easily led?... All the evidence is there.
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        Aug 21 2012: Is it?

        The Americans i personally know are not and those that we see on news media are more than willing to comment,you want sheeple,visit my country but then we are smaller than the smallest State and have only 4.5 mil pop.
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          Aug 21 2012: Very good point... No, American's are not particularly sheepish... but, to my point... People are. Pretty much every country on the planet has made horrible mistakes based on a propaghanda campaign.
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    Aug 20 2012: Oh..which of our president's ran a lemon aid stand?

    Or who amnong the wolrd's great leaders ever ran a lemon aid stand?

    And does'nt the caliber, philosophy. results of one's life endeavors count?

    My father always said any damn fool can fly a kite in the wind.

    Today any damn fool can make tons of money striipping assets, misrepresenting assets, leveaging way out into the ionosphere.and victimizing the unwary to carry the bulk of hat risk.

    Is this practical useful relevant business experience?

    Is this a hallmark of character and leadership?

    Are you suggesting that democracy is synonymous with capitalism?
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    Aug 20 2012: You could have left the other guys in but they created the mess that Obama is failing to fix. It's not who the Pres is that you need to look at its how he gets there that's your problem. BTW the CEO of a company doesn't need to know anything about economics if he knows some one who does. Success is about having the right people working for you and coordinating a team. I don't think Bill Gates really knows much about economics but microsoft went OK.
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      Aug 20 2012: Macro-economics of a country or a corporation is a direct refection of that organization's health... The more money the better it is doing the less it has the worse it is doing... Bill Gates has to know where his resources are going that is a fact he may have made alot of money but a fool and his money are soon parted. One of the prerequisite courses at harvard is economics he also studied economics at Lakeside Prep.. Bill Gates is also on the board of director's for Berkshire Hathaway with long time friend Warren Buffett. Warren Buffect is also a very smart man which i really dont think he would let Bill Gates be in that position with no working knowledge of economics. Also Bill Gates was at the World Economics Forum in 2007, The difference though is that Bill Gates has a working knowledge of Economics he see's it everyday at his business not a theoretical one like Obama.
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    Aug 20 2012: I believe our president can turn things around IF our representatives are working together to resolve issues, rather than against each other trying to maintain their perceived party power and control. One person cannot do it alone. It takes cooperation. We know that our president inherited a MESS, which was not created overnight, and will not be resolved overnight.
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    Lejan .

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    Aug 19 2012: Coca Cola for president! Or Pepsi?

    Again, just a matter of personal taste... ;o)
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    Aug 19 2012: Part of the problem may actually be that everyone is thinking about your government as a corporation.
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      Aug 20 2012: Ding! Ding! Ding! America is the worlds largest not for profit corporation on the planet... and it needs to start acting like it : )

      It's a totally different playbook than a for profit corporation, or at least it's supposed to be. To be fair though, if you want real solutions, Gary Johnson, or whoever The Green Party run, is a better choice.
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    Lejan .

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    Aug 19 2012: So a nation is nothing but its economy?
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    Aug 22 2012: We elected a man to be our prime minister who made his fortune and started his career at a investment brokerage firm,as far as he's concerned we've got to sell everything,it doesn't matter that he won't be living here when his term is up since one of his kids don't live here and he has a mansion in Hawaii,it doesn't matter that he's forcing handicapped people off their government benefits while giving all government CEO's a raise,it doesn't matter that he attends his sons baseball games and stands for the american anthem while it's played at the game but decided to miss a service for 2 of our soldiers who died in Afghanistan and a couple of days later 3 more lost their lives,to us a nation of only 4.5 million that is getting a bit steep,it would be like the Americans losing 40 - 50 soldiers in one hour,a bit hard to swallow.

    A leader must also show that he is human as well and that leader belongs to you not the other way round.
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    Aug 21 2012: Has Mitt Romney ever produced an actual product? No, he began his storied career, as a management consultant... Should we elect a president who has never run a business that produced an actual tangible product? No.

    At least Obama wrote a book the free market purchased... but if you want someone who actually knows how to run an organization that makes things... Elect Gary Johnson.
  • Aug 21 2012: We don't need politicians.
    The post below states it very clearly but who really takes the truth in all the way to their core?
    That is where the truth is held in the human psyche. The false is held in the conscious mind and barricades the truth from reaching the inner self.
    They don't do anything to help. They don't plan to, they refuse to, they lie that they will, and they only care about themselves and their close buddies.

    They also don't know how to solve problems. They only know how to create them because they benefit financially and gain more power by doing so.

    They are irrelevant, are not needed and need to go. Right away. All the way. Away.

    Why we even entertain voting, talking to them, talking about them, arguing against one and for another, just indicates how brainwashed we are because we think they care and will do the right thing. No they won't. No they don't. No they haven't and never will.

    They will not suddenly wake up, come out of their denial and do the wonderful Peter Pan turn-about that the voting public dreams about and wishes for.

    George Carlin had it right. "It's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it."
    We don't need them, they need us just to survive. They have to go.
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      Aug 21 2012: As an aside, the major problem that I see with a pure libertarian no government society is that people will go to great lengths to avoid personal responsibility. It seems like you only need to have four or five people involved in something and their first instinct is to designate some one the "leader". That way if it all turns to fecal matter its not my fault.
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    Aug 21 2012: I really don't see how either side has done much to help the current situation. While it is easy to point the finger at democratic policy you do need to keep in mind that the captain of the ship was a republican for 20 of the last 30 years and they didn't seem to fix anything. From here the whole concept of a sub-prime mortgage seems totally bizzare. Then to add using these "house of cards" mortgages to back securities is even weirder. I think the real problem was the republicans wouldn't stop it because the banks were making billions and the democrats wouldn't stop it because they were helping the poor to own a house. It would have been good if some one stopped to do the MATH.
    (I've said it before and I'll say it again "compulsory voting" people, give middle America a voice)
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    Aug 20 2012: Get it straight the housing bubble was the brain child of both Carter and Clinton. Obama has spent more in his first two years that the previous six presidents in their full terms. Yes he is a fish out of water. The green failures and we still own 41% of GM and the invention of 32 new czars. Big government is killing us. This administration is using Executive orders to by pass Congress. Many mentions of the Bush administration and the wars ... those were all funded by Democratic Congresses. Without that funding all troops would have had to come home. We were promised a transparent administration and did not recieve it. We were promised all sorts of things and he had a democratic House and Senate to do them and failed to do anything. He is now making the same promises and blaming Bush for all the problems. Obama Care will bankrupt all of the states in its second year. The feds will fund year one with money that does not exist and required the states to fund it from then on with money that they do not have.

    This president not only does not understand economics ... I doubt if he can spell it. The White house has stated that the next year the government will run a additional three trillion dollar deficit bringing the national debit to approaching 18 trillion dollars.

    George Serios finally got his puppet into office and his will is being done. He has had four years to implement change and nothing has happened for the good and cannot state his plan for recovery. Cap and trade will occur next year and all coal power plants will shut down thousands of jobs lost and no plan to replace the power lost on the grid. One bad plan after another. 1% fault, Bush's fault, congresses fault, wall street fault, only Obama is not at fault. Not even a spin doctor can turn this one around.

    2013 the end of an error. By the way I'm Independent but not blind to the facts.
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    Aug 19 2012: There's microeconomics and macroeconomics. But also, one person may gain knowledge through observations while another person gains knowledge through experience. Both are valuable ways to understand a subject.
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      Aug 19 2012: And i believe a president needs to have both.... a plan is doomed to fail if it never gets put into action... what my main point is how can a president with yes a working knowledge of economics fix our economy when he knows nothing about real world solutions and real world problems with economics. The economy is everything and he's not getting that healthcare is in direct correlation with economics... doctor's spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to obtain their respected degree's and they spend thousands upon thousands of dollars paying the bills for their practices and there malpractice insurance and this and that sooo yes of course i hope doctors make good money to be able to do what it is they do... people forget this they think that poof here's a doctor fix me there is alot more too it and it starts with the big business owners they too should have alot of money these are the people that are making more jobs... I think he should of worked more on govenment work programs balancing the budget more and better foreign policy's for foreign trade... force our country to get better at what we do get more effiecient and more cost affective... curb food stamps and free money say hey if you want money we will be more than happy to give it to you for 7.25 a hour and your going to have to take a drug test and then also make laws to were children are takin care pay for daycare things like that all our programs up until this point have been band-aids we need real world solutions to these problems long term solutions.... the fact is if you sit say your hurt lie to the government they will give you money... sooo where is the motivation to work thats why unemployement is steadily increasing