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Should we have elected a president that never even ran a lemonaid stand to operate the largest corporation in the world... USA

Could we expect this president to turn around our economy in the future?


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    Aug 19 2012: There's microeconomics and macroeconomics. But also, one person may gain knowledge through observations while another person gains knowledge through experience. Both are valuable ways to understand a subject.
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      Aug 19 2012: And i believe a president needs to have both.... a plan is doomed to fail if it never gets put into action... what my main point is how can a president with yes a working knowledge of economics fix our economy when he knows nothing about real world solutions and real world problems with economics. The economy is everything and he's not getting that healthcare is in direct correlation with economics... doctor's spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to obtain their respected degree's and they spend thousands upon thousands of dollars paying the bills for their practices and there malpractice insurance and this and that sooo yes of course i hope doctors make good money to be able to do what it is they do... people forget this they think that poof here's a doctor fix me there is alot more too it and it starts with the big business owners they too should have alot of money these are the people that are making more jobs... I think he should of worked more on govenment work programs balancing the budget more and better foreign policy's for foreign trade... force our country to get better at what we do get more effiecient and more cost affective... curb food stamps and free money say hey if you want money we will be more than happy to give it to you for 7.25 a hour and your going to have to take a drug test and then also make laws to were children are takin care pay for daycare things like that all our programs up until this point have been band-aids we need real world solutions to these problems long term solutions.... the fact is if you sit say your hurt lie to the government they will give you money... sooo where is the motivation to work thats why unemployement is steadily increasing

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