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Brain: The Most Feared Muscle

A while back, I started lifting weights and through my experience, I developed a theory about the brain that likens it greatly to our skeletal muscles. Although the brain is primarily comprised of grey and white matter, it's hard not to relate the "pain" experienced in the brain when learning a new concept to the "pain" experienced when repeatedly lifting a weight. I decided to do a little research on this concept and discovered that it was already a working theory (once again proving that I'm not the first to come up with a good idea.)
I wanted to go a step further on the psychological path of this theory, however; by delving into a new trend that seemingly excuses people from thinking. Have you ever heard someone pause in the middle of an attempt at comprehension and complain that his or her head hurts too badly to continue? I've hypothesized that if learning something new is making my head hurt, then that must mean I'm absorbing the information on a more comprehensive level. There's a certain commitment involved in retraining your brain to crave this "pain" rather than to fear it.
As a whole, civilization is teetering on the brink of a mental collapse. We absorb information differently when we don't critically analyze our surroundings. We can all stare at a screen, but the question is "What are we looking at?" Are we seeing what's really there, or just what someone else wants us to see? How differently do we all interpret the same messages?


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    Aug 19 2012: We are sensory creatures... if you think about this that our eyes interpret a relatively small spectrum of light and analyse it in the brain our ears interpret a very smal amount of radiowaves and our brain analyse it in our brain..... touch taste smell its all interpretations lol sooo if you think about it our world is inside our brains... is our reality in the world or inside the mind... with 1 billion neurons controlling 1 trillion synapses which control the over 600 muscles in the body... is our world outside us or in??? is the pain we feel even real, is it a reaction to safe guard us like the lactic acid build up defense mechanism's in our body, then you have to question safeguard us from what??

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