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Should Science be Considered a Religion?

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    Aug 29 2012: Thank you to everyone for participating in this discussion. I knew it would "stir the pot," but I wasn't quite prepared for the volume of passionate arguements. This forced me to "defend" a proposal that I didn't fully agree with in the first place (a good learning experience for myself.) When someone asks what my "religion" is, I do say that I believe in Science, however, that is often the only way to word it when you want to express such a firm position to a "religious" person. From experience, I've received better reactions from CHRISTIANS when I refer to Science as my "religion." They typically recognize the word "religion" as a set of beliefs. It's an easy word for them to comprehend. I think that what I learned from this is that most of us HERE believe that Science is not a religion; not just because religion is theological, but also because science isn't a belief at all. Science is a tool. It only APPEARS to be "branching" away from "classical" thinking like theology and philosophy. In reality, though, it's still moving "forward" and "pointing" towards an "ultimate" goal, which would be to discover the meaning of life, the universe and everything. I hope this gave everyone a chance to explore more introspectively and discover something new about themselves.
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      Aug 29 2012: Interesting discussion. Im not surprised some religious people like to equate scince with religion. Do you wonder why?

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