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Should Science be Considered a Religion?

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  • Aug 24 2012: Science is not religion, so much as "rationality" is a not religion. Science is based on known proofs, and religions involve acceptance of the UN-known. Based on empirical observations and things we can know (prove), science is the observation and measurement of our physical world. Religion (theism) involves supernatural aspects that cannot be measured, observed, or identified... these aspects cannot be known. They are unknowable.
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      • Aug 25 2012: Great question. I would say that religion could be based on these things, but I am unaware of one that is (based on these things). However, I would say, religions as we know them always involve either supernatural (unknowable) forces and/or faith and acceptance of the unknown as fact, which cannot be called rational. If something involves beliefs/acceptances that lack rationality, it cannot be called science.

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