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Should Science be Considered a Religion?

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  • Aug 22 2012: Mitch - I do not agree that religion answers the Why. If so, then why are there so many rules associated with religion (from the chothes women can where to what you can't eat and even the 10 commandments). Religion tried to maintain a social norm thus the reluctance to change. I think you may have to two reversed, science asks why and religion tells us how.
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      Aug 23 2012: I'm sorry perhaps I wasn't clear. Telling woman how to dress is not religion. At least, it's not what religion is supposed to be. And either way, it still answers the why question. Women dress a certain way...why? To honor God. How? by putting the clothes on (which is observable and therefore can be scientifically explained)...You might be onto something that science asks why...but it answers how. Religion asks how (how should I live) and answers with a why. The ten commandements, in the context of when they were given, were not a set of "rules" that answer how to get into heaven...they are a set of standards that present a way to live which yields a better life. Religion might answer the question of why you live by them, why strive for a better life, why does it matter. But the rules themselves aren't the religion-they are guidelines to finding the answer to the questions answered with "why"
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        Aug 24 2012: I suggest religion tells you how, whether right or wrong.
        People ask or are told. Religion tells based on old books and supposed revelations or religious authorities.

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