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Should Science be Considered a Religion?

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    Aug 22 2012: I think that science and religion answer too completely different questions. Science answers the How and religion the Why. How do we exist? Well you have fertilization of an egg and than cells multiply and proteins are formed and so on and so forth. Why do we exist? that's a much more difficult question to answer, and nearly impossible to derive empirically. Use this for practically anything in the sciences. How does a car engine work? Any mechanical engineer could answer that. Why does a car engine work? An engineer/scientist's answer to that question would most likely be the same as "How..." In other words, it's nearly impossible to answer scientifically. How was the universe created? (Big Bang, etc) Why was the universe created (God wanted to) How do we adapt to the environment (evolution/survival of the fittest) Why do we adapt to the environment (God needed a tool in the same way that a sculpter uses a tool)
    • Aug 22 2012: Science and religion are two completely different questions. One seeks knowledge through a rigorous and structured exploration of what we know, what we can observe or what we can imagine. Religion gropes around in the dark "searching" for answers to a question with a predefined, inflexible conclusion.
      • Aug 24 2012: Your definition of religion is too narrow.

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