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Should Science be Considered a Religion?

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    Aug 19 2012: Religion is purely based on belief .Where there is belief there lies the hope and this hope is the driving force . But on the other side science is what is proven . It is a collection of facts and figures.At one stage It may or maynot prove that the beliefs which are constructd by religion will fall before the winds and storms of reality. But again someones wish that his beliefs will someime be into reality is the driving force for the establishment of the truth and development of science . In this way both are connected and in some way science can be sticked along with religion
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      Aug 19 2012: Joseph,

      Well said, and I really like your avatar.
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      Aug 21 2012: Hi Joseph, I'm not sure you are actually implying religion is the only source of hope.

      Plenty of non religious believing folk still have hope and goals and dreams for a good life. Just we might not have hope based on a speculative afterlife.

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