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Do you know any video from TEDx events that is not on TED.com but worth watching?

Considering that hundreds of TEDx events have been held so far with some having their own online archive and YouTube channels, I guess there are more than a few videos from TEDxers that are not on TED.com but are worth spreading to TED communities. So let's shed lights on those hidden treasures.

Please post your recommended TEDx talk videos with brief description and the link to its legitimate archive. For me, those available in English in some form or other would be preferable. I'm especially interested in talks on education in a broad sense, but any recommendation in other areas is also appreciated.


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    Mar 20 2011: Paul Colllis gives an awesome talk on TEDx from Brusssels.
    Sam Richards a sociologist from Pen State gave an amazing and challenging talk on Radical Empathy.

    Talks I have not seen but want to from TedX Waterloo- Myriah Meyer-data visualization
    -Colin Ellard on Virtual environments
    -Vincent John Vincent- gesture based user interfaces
    -Michael Neilson- Quantum physics - teleportationing) gives an awesome talk on TEDx.

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