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Is There a Future for Money?

In our digital age, where banks and even nations fail through reckless monetary spending and policies, it seems that our monetary system is becoming the big elephant in the room, yes even obsolete. Automation replacing humans seems to be one of the fundamental contradiction of capitalism and may be the demise of the system itself leaving the looming possibility of fascism or military dictatorship to arise and flourish if we fail to arrive at any alternatives.

While some believe taking us back to the gold standard will fix things, and others believe that debt forgiveness is the solution, we hear talks about access/resource based economies, where we simply declare all of Earth's resources as the common heritage of mankind and make goods and services available to all without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude, through technological abundance.

In fact, let's rephrase the question. At what point in the future do you think that our technology will make automated systems possible and allow us to move out of a monetary system?


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  • Sep 11 2012: I do not see a future with money .. I see a future .. where the invention of money is the result of collapse.. and when I am talking about collapse . I am talking about the entire establishment.. money is a creation that we have let to believe we need .. it is a great creation.. you could say .. but the creation of it has fallen in the hands of a few .. those few owning everything will use the creation of money for the wrong reasons.. and we all know what is going on.. we have seen what they do. what they are capable of doing... the government is no longer for our protection .. the government has become a creation that its solely purpose is so that the few.. have control, .. and control is how you mantain order .. but as I said .. they are not using it for the right reasons... money has become, sadly , in what it took the best feelings a human being can have.. and has replaced it instead with things like greed, envy.. and the sickness of power .. if power was used for good reasons .. money would be a nice invention .. and looking at how are things nowadays.. from any particular perspective... things are wrong .. therefore .. money is no longer good.. but sadly we all want it . I would be a total hypocrite if I did not put myself as example.. money is no good because it brings the worst in us. there will always be exemptions .. but I have seen how its all increasing .. and in a bad way.. so .. using the little knowledge I have about. economic. finances. society. religions. education. science. medicine, industry, and so on ... it is contaminated by the politics of money.. and that is getting us nowhere.. we are slowly going backwards .. and I am daring to say .. that eventually money will scease to exist because we will experience some kind of global impact that will have make us realize that some things are more neccesary than money... and we are going trough a phase ...and eventually we will be better .. money has a future.. but we can improve it.

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