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Smart shopping trolley

I am aware that retail is more and more moving toward online shopping. However I really doubt whether in even next 10 years we are likely to face disappearance of supermarkets like coles, TESCO.
To make both customers’ and supermarkets’ life easier I would suggest smart shopping trolley with integrated chip that would come along with smartphone app. This application could not be any easier.
How customer will use it?
Once they enter the supermarket, they will grab a trolley with the chip installed that works with customer’s app. Basically any product put in the basket is automatically scanned and the global price to pay id displayed on your Smartphone. Once you finish shopping, you just submit your basket and transfer money from your bank account. The main profit for customers is saved time and convenience.
On the other side, the supermarkets can track the customers’ path so they could display products in such a way to provoke more impulse shopping. The other this is the immediate data storage of what has been already bought. And of course the staff reduction brings massive savings as well.

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    Aug 19 2012: Hi Kamila,
    I will tell you right away, that I am technically in the dark not own a cell phone, iPad, or any little communications device, so your idea may not work for me personally from the very beginning! LOL

    That being said, here are my objections to the proposal:
    I do not believe the "global price" would be beneficial to everyone, because we know that prices change in some areas depending on whether produce is seasonal in certain areas, or whether or not it has to be transported. I like growing my own food whenever possible, and if not, I try to shop locally to support local growers and have fresh organic food.

    I do not particularly like my food intake or shopping "path" tracked. It seems like our lives are "tracked" in many different ways....seems like what we consume for food could be left alone and not be "tracked" by supermarket chains.

    I don't like the idea of provoking impulse shopping, because we have quite a bit of that already, with lots of people. I would like to see less shopping, less spending/going into debt, less waste, and more conscious use of our resources.
  • Aug 19 2012: Thakns Debra. I might work on this prototype within my university course. I would love to apply some more innovative approach in everyday life situations. I believe that shopping will face a lot of changes pretty soon.
    So I reckno that you would also appreciate such idea in Canadian supermarkets?
    Are there any other suggestions that you would find worth analysing?
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    Aug 18 2012: Can it fit between people's ears?
    • Aug 19 2012: Could you please explain what you mean? I would welcon any critical suggestions.
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        Aug 19 2012: Kamila, you have identified a need and you have created the concept. My own point is simply that it is too bad that we cannot simply train individuals in something which appears to be so obvious and essential. Even so, we are NOT able to train individuals in many areas of the world so you are dealing with the reality and trying to make a difference. I can applaud that.
  • Aug 18 2012: How would you find this idea? Any additional suggestions to improve shopping experience would be appreciated.