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Building Energy Farms that benefit local residents in the same manner as the Alaska Permanent Fund.

Locally owned Energy farms built to stimulate jobs, economy and alternate currency.
The proposal is to start a People's Fund for a community and register it's members - Locals Only!
The fund propagates the building of the energy technology best suited for their environment. It also furthers innovation and employment by using local residents as its work force and students from local colleges can be integrated into Job Training Partnerships. Again, you must be a resident for 1 year, before you can be a part of this! No Outsourcing of any kind. This must be imperative or it leaves holes for outside interests to steal the potluck. Also benefiting the community is the capital it can gain for Town projects, skate parks with liability, Bike paths, beatification projects, road maintenance. Removing our community from the State burden and becoming a beacon of hope for small town USA, would inspire many communities to follow suit.
And now for the grande finale! The money made in this community is in the form of energy. It has a specific market value. About $100/Mw. Like gold, it can rise and fall, but would not be subject to speculators or fraudulent market practices. You could stick a $100 Energy Note under you Pillow next to an equal amount of gold and a Federal Reserve note, come back 10 years later and that gold will buy you 10 times as much as it did 10 years ago, as with the Energy Note, and the Federal Reserve Note will have lost over half its value.
So, I guess what I want to know is, "Is this possible?"


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  • Sep 3 2012: Something else to consider is the available resources to pay back global debt. If we standardize renewable energy, will will not have to live off a debt based currency. Kinda like turning a Turbine into an ATM machine.

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