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What's your opinion on Japan's capability?

Japan suffered huge loss in recent earthquack and nuclear disaster. What do you all think how much time japan will take to completely get recovered?
Do japan require helps from other countries? if yes then what kind of help other countries can provide beside giving money?

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    Mar 19 2011: first, a correction: the devastation was done mostly by the tsunami, in less degree by the earthquake. "nuclear disaster" didn't happen.

    what japan needs of course is resources. construction materials, drugs, machines, tools etc. supplying these for free is certainly a great bonus.

    it would also help if the G7 countries was not try to devalue the yen, and erode the purchasing power of japan.
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      Mar 21 2011: hi Krisztian,

      I completely agree to you and your broader sense of thinking. we will try our best to supply required drugs and tools for helping to recover from this disaster.
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    Mar 20 2011: Everyone can use a bit of help when they are in trouble. Japan is a resiliant nation and yet why should anyone in this interconnected world struggle alone? Right now, it is my hope that other nations can supply experts and expertise in disaster recovery and nuclear issues.
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    Mar 28 2011: The disaster in Japan is really still unfolding; it's impossible to even give a good approximation of the time it will take for the nation to recover completely. I think that the physical damage to the country will take at least a year to repair (clearing out the garbage and rubble, mending damaged buildings), but the economy will recover far more quickly than that. As Warren Buffet recently pointed out, Japan's disaster heralds a unique buying opportunity for investors, and I'm sure it's markets will pick up fairly soon.

    Japan is not in the best fiscal health at the moment, but I don't think that it really requires help from other countries--obviously, as the 3rd biggest economy in the world, it is a far cry from Haiti or Indonesia--it will be able to pick itself up if it has to.
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    Mar 19 2011: Japan has endured many earthquakes and tsunamis throughout its long history. They are a way of giving each generation a gauntlet of pain that strengthens the spirit of the people. Imagine what life was like 100 years ago before earthquake proof buildings? Not only would every building in every city collapse, but it would be followed by the tsunami giving double damage. Yet for hundreds of years, the Nihongo have bounced back stronger than ever before.